Dance, Movement

Fan (Veil) Wrangling

A while ago, I wrote a blog post on working with Silk Fan Veils (one of my favourite bellydance fantasy/fusion props!) for ZeOT magazine. One of the many movement arts where flexible fingers, adequate wrist mobility and grip strength come in hand(ha!)y. I will be teaching a fan veil choreography workshop in Belgium this January, as well as… Read More Fan (Veil) Wrangling

Martial Arts, Movement

The Martial Matrix

One of the unexpected side-effects of studying TaeKwonDo is that it has become nearly impossible to watch a Martial Arts scene in a film without shouting out the techniques that are being employed. And.. judging them. Even when – or, perhaps, especially when – the movements are ones I am still very much struggling with… Read More The Martial Matrix

Movement, Strength

Getting a Grip

Grip strength. What’s it for? Well, everything, apparently – as it translates into full body strength and overall health. It also relates to gentleness. Check out this great article by Nerd Fitness on improving grip strength, wrist mobility and hand flexibility. Interestingly, and partially relatedly, check out this Post by Bulletproof Musician on a simple grip-related trick… Read More Getting a Grip

Inspiration, Movement

Taking a Moment

Relaxing during the evening with a cup of tea – either alone or together – has long been a tradition in House Bech. This year I wanted to take it a step deeper, and delve into the world of tea ceremony. The picture below shows a very simple matcha tea (ie finely ground green tea, often… Read More Taking a Moment

Movement, Nature

Walking in the Rain

This Saturday it was rainy, grey, and chilly outside. Perfect weather for a woodland walk. I love the forest when it rains. Hearing the raindrops on the branches, on the leaves, and on your head. Stepping in puddles on the paths. The forest floor feels more alive. Everything looks cleaner, clearer (at least when it… Read More Walking in the Rain

Dance, Movement

Back to Basics

Today‘s ballet class was amazing. Tuesdays are traditionally dedicated to basics (for pointes as well as ‘regular’ ballet and floorbarre) so it was the perfect way for us students to kick (or grand battement?) the new year into gear, dance-wise. I do my best to take several classes a week when I am not traveling,… Read More Back to Basics

Martial Arts, Movement

Focused Training

Today, in Haidong Gumdo training, we covered several ways to practise and refine a single (diagonal) sword cut. After that, in Taekwondo class, we got to spend most of our time on practising a single kick. I loved it. Time flew by. Focus. Depth. Concentration. Action. Observation. Feedback. Adaptation. Re-focus. The power of Repetition. Of… Read More Focused Training