Movement, Nature

The Buds are Waiting

The shortest day (as well as a Mercury–Jupiter Conjunction and this year’s last full Moon) is fast approaching. We’ve had frost already in November, and even a bit of snow this week. We’re in the heart of winter, greeting soon the longest nights. And yet. Every morning, when I look outside the kitchen window, I see the buds are waiting.… Read More The Buds are Waiting

Movement, Strength

The Invisible Work

With any kind of progressive training, for strength or for other skills, it can be easy to forget that the magic really happens in between the practise sessions. And that the times where we struggle is where we learn/grow the most. The body (and mind) adapts after the training, to the stresses that the training… Read More The Invisible Work

Inspiration, Movement

Under the Skin

An inspiration for this week‘s posts, and very much fitting the apparent theme, has been Mr. Russell Brand‘s  fantastic ‘Under the Skin’ podcast. I deeply enjoyed listening to episode nr 42(!) with Prof. Barry Smith. It touches on the multitudes of human senses (ie many more than the 5 that get all the attention), and their fascinating… Read More Under the Skin

Martial Arts, Movement

Sharpening the Senses

Practising with a blindfold. During a weekend seminar for Haidong Gumdo this November, a few of the exercises we did were executed with our eyes closed/blindfolded, to help sharpen our senses. It was an interesting and enriching experience. Removing sight from the equation tells you exactly where you are ‘at’, training-wise. It slows you right… Read More Sharpening the Senses