Martial Arts

Quantum Kicking

This week’s TaeKwonDo epiphany is brought to you by quantum mechanics. Not kicking quantums – that is something that intrinsically happens. We’re always kicking quantums. Anyway. Yesterday, as I was struggling with a turning kick in Taekwondo, our Teacher made the remark that I will have to let go of trying to check what my… Read More Quantum Kicking


Mending for Strength

Strength training (or any training) is, in a way, like mending clothes. Or mending Taekwondo Doboks, in today’s instance. Things become stronger where they are repaired. Our bodies (and thus also minds!) work the same. If there is a pressure/demand put upon it, we adapt. When we lift a weight, we become stronger. When we… Read More Mending for Strength


Dropping Ashes on the Buddha – Seung Sahn

For those of you who liked early February’s book recommendation ‘Only Don’t Know ‘: Check out ‘Dropping Ashes on the Buddha, containing further Zen-teachings in the form of letters to students by Korean Master Seung Sahn. You can find a digital preview of this book here. Enjoy!

Inspiration, Movement

Recipe for Love

This week has been immersed in the theme of Love, and inspired by that, I would like to share the following ‘Oreo chocolate bonbon’ recipe. It was given to me by the sister of a dancer (thank you Ingrid!) that was part of the Boženka LOVE dance weekend in Germany. A warning though. They are,… Read More Recipe for Love

Movement, Nature

Sunset and Moonrise

I love this time of year, when the days (on this hemisphere) start getting longer, and the skies are cool and colourful. Each sunset, moonrise, moonset, and sunrise feels like it’s own reward. Enjoy Every Moment. Let‘s make sure we spend as many of them as possible in full appreciation. This picture – taken at… Read More Sunset and Moonrise

Dance, Movement

Dancing for Joy

When you see children dancing (and perhaps even join in!), when you bop around to ‘wherever, whenever’ (and you feel you’re getting into the groove), when you dance at home, by yourself, or with friends, in your kitchen or living room, be it for joy, sadness, energy – You know it. You know that dance… Read More Dancing for Joy

Movement, Strength

The Power of Love

Incredible how much (inner and outer) strength can be generated automagically when it comes to caring for and protecting the ones we love. We dare to speak up, we dare to take action, we dare to take a stand. A great creative power is unleashed when we are able to do or share/create for something… Read More The Power of Love