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TaeKwonDo Testing – What to expect

In this post I’ll share the flow, sequence and required demonstrations of a typical TaeKwonDo Kup (coloured belt) test. A coloured belt tests (10th-1st Kup) usually consist out of the following elements: Forms Basic Techniques One-Step Sparring Self Defense (Light-No contact) Sparring Breaking Forms/ Poomsae: After a short warmup all Taekwondoins are called to line… Read More TaeKwonDo Testing – What to expect

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Joy of Movement

‘By focusing of the joy of movement, you take yourself deeper into the present moment.’   Yess ? Words to live by, and something I’ll be touching on in the upcoming workshops and events, too.   Inspiration: One of the books I’m reading at the moment is ‘Thinking Body, Dancing Mind’ by Chungliang Al Huang… Read More Joy of Movement



Sincerity breeds quality. Quality needs authenticity. Authenticity means knowing your Self. Knowing your Self takes courage. Courage allows you to give…   Words to ponder for the coming week, and/or to experiment with and apply in movement and expression ?   Inspiration: These thoughts were inspired by this week’s episode of the Bruce Lee podcast… Read More Authenticity