Take a Breath

Give yourself a little re-set..   Take a deep breath.   Oxygenize your brain. Relax your nervous system. Lower your blood pressure. Soften your body. Soften your mind. Soften your soul.   Take another deep breath.   Close your eyes for a second..   There you go.      

Martial Arts

Break Magic

This week, in both Haidong Gumdo and Taekwondo class, a magical thing has happened. I had come back to classes for the first time after a two-week travel bout, and: – For the first time in a year I was able to consistently execute a horizontal cut (right to left) – Thanks to a few… Read More Break Magic


A Journey of Interests

Sparked by interesting questions (one of them was: which style(s)s do you prefer in bellydance?) by the lovely Helène of during an interview about the DancEscapade weekend in Crete, I have been pondering my own meandering dance journey. Below you’ll find my story. Please tell me yours in the comments below!   Throughout my… Read More A Journey of Interests

Dance, Movement

Gratitude Post

Today’s post is dedicated to all the generous bellydancers who have donated precious silk dance veils via Dance4Children this spring for the girls of the Caméléon shelter/centre in the Philippines. The veils will be employed in Iloilo as props in their art school programs for circus and dance choreographies. As you can see, the fist veil batch… Read More Gratitude Post

Inspiration, Movement

Travel Notes

When I travel, I don‘t lug my big journals with me, usually. If I am teaching dance, I write my workshop notes on separate sheets of paper, so they can be easily transported, shuffled, revisited and rewritten. For note-taking, planning and journaling I use a travel-sized – preferably lined – mini-notebook, like the one in… Read More Travel Notes

Movement, Nature

Copper Beech Beauty

One of my favourite tree variations, the copper beech, is right now at it’s most vibrant in colour in Germany. Interestingly, how (or rather why) exactly the change to turning purple is triggered is still a bit of a mystery. This beauty we found in Frömern. What are your favourite trees?

Books, Movement

The Roll Model

This book (and the simple, but deeply effective exercises in it) were a true eye opener for me in terms of body health, self-care and recovery work. I still go back to it regularly, especially in movement-intense times. The Roll Model by Jill Miller. Enjoy! PS: What are your favourite recovery tips?