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Why we Sleep

Because we’re up early today.. Why we Sleep by Matthew Walker One of the books I’m reading right now. A manifesto on the importance of sleep. Insightful, compelling, a must read. PS: You can listen to an interview with the author in this episode of Michael Gervais’ excellent ‘Finding Mastery’ podcast: Bonus geekery: did you… Read More Why we Sleep

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Today I was inspired by my groceries. My summer system is to pack everything that is refrigerated in one bag, so the items can keep each other cool. Isn‘t that the greatest thing. A reminder that everything is interdependent, and how all relationships (to our environment, to everything/everyone one that is part of it, as… Read More Interconnection

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Bling Olympics

Today, June 23rd, is World Olympic Day 2019. According to, this event is based on 3 pillars: Move Learn Discover A very fitting base for each and every art form I‘d say. What disciplines would your Art/Movement Art contain if it were part of the Olympics? For traveling dancers I would propose: Speedmakeup, trolleyrunning, suitcase lugging,… Read More Bling Olympics

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Green in Cologne

Sometimes the green finds you! This Saturday Mr. E and I competed in the second German Open Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art) near the Bergischer Ring in Cologne. After the event, our curiosity was piqued by a gorgeous copper beech – we see them everywhere this year – towering above a hedge behind the sports hall… Read More Green in Cologne

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June Workout 2

Today‘s strength/conditioning session – a bit more intense with the high jumps (mostly for martial arts, but a bit more height can’t hurt for ballet either!) plus we felt like adding some abdominal strengthening exercises between the KB swings and Turkish Getups: Warmup Vacuuming the living room 🙂 Feet warmup (ball pickups) Rope skipping 250 regular jumps… Read More June Workout 2

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Walking in Langerwehe

Today‘s walk – a lovely 11km round near Langerwehe – featured wild flowers, a field of foxgloves, sticks, butterflies, mixed woodlands, very huggable trees, a fearless toad, a plethora of balancing opportunities and.. a beaver dam. Our starting point was ‘Parkplatz Rennweg’, from there we followed part of the Eifel Woodlands trail, then a bit further… Read More Walking in Langerwehe

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June Workout 1

Today‘s strength/conditioning session, a fairly mellow one – first one after travel season. Followed by a nap 🙂 Warmup Feet warmup (ball pickups) Rope skipping 250 regular jumps (100 +  150 – with a breathing break in between sets) 100 one-legged jumps (2×30 + 2×20) Kettlebells Simple & Sinister warmup (8kg) 2 x 10 KB Swings (16… Read More June Workout 1

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Take a Breath

If you’re reading this.. give yourself a little re-set.   Look up, or out the window, see the sky.   Take a deep breath.   Oxygenizing your brain. Relaxing your nervous system. Lowering your blood pressure. Softening your body. Softening your mind. Listening. Sensing. Calm.   Take another deep breath..       There you… Read More Take a Breath

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A Break-Through

Recently, both in Haidong Gumdo and Taekwondo classes, a surprising (to me!) thing happened. I had come back to classes for the first time after a serious dance travel bout, and: – For the first time in my (admittedly short) sword class student life I was able to fairly consistently execute a horizontal cut from… Read More A Break-Through