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Walk the Path

Walk, and the path will appear. Sometimes doing is the best way to learn. Mistakes can help us grow. They usually point us in interesting directions. I keep relearning this lesson. It goes for movement, dance, and life. What are you learning right now? PS: I’m putting my own words into practice, and I’ll be… Read More Walk the Path

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When a mirror is held up. What do you see? Resistance. Vulnerability. Strength. Compliance. Separation. Oneness. Ease. Discomfort. Courage. Fear. Resilience. Beauty. Flaws. Action. Stillness. Nothing. All. What can we discover, when we look without judgement? Interesting how our (inner and outer) environments will bring out different aspects of our selves. Interesting how what we… Read More Multitudes

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Quieting the Mind

When the mind grows calm, it opens up. It creates space. To ‘click in’. To connect. To get reacquainted with what is. No voice to be heard in the mind. Today I learned a term for it. Two words, to be exact. Wordless Oneness. I’ve never heard of it. Have you? I do like the ring… Read More Quieting the Mind

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Interview with Elise Samba

Below you’ll find an interview with the gorgeous Elise of Belgium. She’s an incredible artist and a knowledgeable and experienced Samba teacher. Elise owns one of the very first official brazilian dance schools in Belgium, and has officially been part of the Rio Carnaval Parade! A dancer, instructor, costume designer and a beautiful soul to… Read More Interview with Elise Samba

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An Easter Resurrection

Things I have learned this week(end): Resurrection miracles do happen Sometimes they are electronic Always do backups Do not bring beverages into the computer room Especially not orange juice Actual things to do if /when calamity does strike: Remove the power first Rice is not always the way Patience, and swiftness, is key Disassemble, clean… Read More An Easter Resurrection