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Free to Move

I’ve always considered myself extremely lucky in the teacher department. To each of the teachers in my life I owe parts of my current Self. They have contributed to my growth, happiness, knowledge, skill set, inspiration, love of learning, love of movement, love of music, love of language, and love of life. Their teachings as… Read More Free to Move



We already re-shape our world by creating every day. So why not do it consciously? And, while we do that, let’s make of it the best we can. Sing, write, dance, speak, draw, move, capture, practise – go and create something today. Inspired by Todd Henry’s Daily Creative Podcast on creating daily (very meta!) and this… Read More Create

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A change in perspective can widen your world. The same goes for exposing yourself to new sensory input, learning a different language, encountering something you’ve never seen/heard/smelled/tasted/felt before, traveling to a new-to-you place, asking different questions, or finding a way of moving that is slightly unfamiliar to you. Try taking in your environment from a… Read More Perspective

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A thousand, one hundred and eleven sword cuts.

What is strength? And …can this even be done? These were the questions I asked myself this morning, finding myself about to perform 1111 wooden-sword cuts. ‘A Thousand Cuts’ is a sword endurance exercise where Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art) practitioners are asked to do 1000 repetitions of ‘Jeong-Myun Begi’, the basic straight cut, while… Read More A thousand, one hundred and eleven sword cuts.

Flexibility, Movement

Flexibility Friday

Stacey Nemour, my favourite flexibility teacher, has just launched a wealth of online courses and streaming DVDs on flexibilitymakeover.com I’m very excited to be trying out her Dance! Flexibility Makeover Power Pack (starting today – eek!), as her previous online course series was already amazing. It got me safely(!) down into front splits for the first… Read More Flexibility Friday


Gratitude ABCs

On my way to ballet yesterday I was listening to Tim Ferris’ Podcast (which I heartily recommend, do check it out!) Yesterday’s Episode featured author AJ Jacobs, speaking about ways to be happier through gratitude. One of the excercises I found very interesting was to say ‘gratitude ABCs’ (ie. thinking up various things to be grateful… Read More Gratitude ABCs

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Find the Gold

Remember find the green? It counts for other colours, too. If you can, get outside today and go find something beautiful. PS: if you find it, and happen to capture it – share below!