Movement, Nature

Eschweiler Beeches

Views from this Saturday’s early evening walk in Eschweiler wald with Mr E. A bit of nature appreciation after completing our first MoveSpiration Online charity workshop day for Dance4Children. Enjoy!

Inspiration, Movement

A Virtual Forest Walk

If we cannot bring you to the forest.. we’ll bring the forest to you 🙂 Enjoy this little forest walk-and-promo-video for the upcoming online MoveSpiration event Saturday 25th of July MoveSpiration Online is an afternoon of mini workshops for a very good cause, taught by my favorite teachers, featuring dance and movement arts from all… Read More A Virtual Forest Walk

Movement, Nature

Sky Plants

Tillandsia – Sky Plants. I enjoy the name. They live on air, light, and mist. I had never heard of – or seen – them before. I discovered my sister cultivates them to make pieces of living art. This one she made for mom: And these now live at home. Shall we give them names?… Read More Sky Plants

Movement, Nature

Softer Eyes

Up above, or down below. Sometimes changing our point of view is all it takes to change our mind. I’m taking in the world – outer and inner – with softer eyes today. Get outside, move a bit. Take care of you.

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Tips for Photo Shoots

Below you’ll find my favorite tips to prepare yourself mentally and physically for a studio photo shoot. Note: For help on the actual posing: Check out the recordings of my online workshop ‘Posing for Pictures’! 1. Early Preparations Things you can do in the week(s) before the shoot: Mentally Start thinking about your ‘vision’ –… Read More Tips for Photo Shoots