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A Different View

I will miss this one. I’m noticing every single walk in nature leaves us slightly different.   Senses are sharpened. Unblunted. Restful. Awake. Alert. A bit more quiet. A bit more brave.   Closer to.. our Self?   Hard to put it in words. It feels important. Picture taken on a gorgeous walk near the… Read More A Different View

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Braving The Wilderness

Stop scouring people’s faces for evidence that you’re not enough. You will always find it because you’ve made that your goal. True belonging and self-worth are not goods; we don’t negotiate their value with the world. The truth about who we are lives in our hearts. Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown

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Exploring New Heights

Today‘s workout includes a new addition: Jump height training using yoga blocks. Whoop! Very simple, but highly(har) effective. Stack ‘em up Jump over sideways (lift the knees rather than heels) Land safely Jump back Try a few reps like this, and if it works: re-stack the blocks to add height. Repeat until you find your… Read More Exploring New Heights

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A Clean Slate

This is my whiteboard for September. For now. After a summer filled with plans, meetings, ideas, training, practice, writing, workouts, learning, classes, preparations, events and activities.. I feel it’s time for a bit of space.   Just time.   Just space.   I have promised myself to keep this board empty until I return. Let‘s… Read More A Clean Slate

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Feel-Good Parkour

A list of the ‘feel-good’ parkour exercises we did to kick off this summer’s MoveSpiration event. Station 1 – Yoga Blocks 1: Calf raises and drops 2: 1-Hip raises, drops and circles 3: Turnout/in (on 2 blocks) Station 2 – Stacey Straps 1: Ankle mobility/stability 2: Lying-down butterfly 3: Freestyle strap stretch Station 3 – YTU Balls… Read More Feel-Good Parkour


Stacey Nemour’s Beginners Ultimate Flexibility Makeover Guide – Part 4

This is a placeholder for part 4 of a series on Stacey Nemours  fantastic Beginner’s Ultimate Flexibility Makeover Guide online course package. Check out the previous posts of series below (will be extended in the coming weeks/months!) Stacey Nemour Beginners Ultimate Flexibility – Part 1 Stacey Nemour Beginners Ultimate Flexibility – Part 2 Stacey Nemour… Read More Stacey Nemour’s Beginners Ultimate Flexibility Makeover Guide – Part 4

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Working with Wings

In the post below I’ll share my tips for dancing with Wings of Isis, one of my favourite bellydance fantasy props. I was introduced to wings by my first teachers, Myriam and Yamila, about 15 years ago. When I saw in a show how magnificent  they could look on a stage, I decided to purchase… Read More Working with Wings