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Weekly Workout

A short recap of this Sunday’s workout: Rope skipping 200 regular jumps (2 x 100 jumps) 100 one-legged jumps (50 LR) 50 high jumps (knees up) Kettlebell Practise Simple & Sinister warmup (8kg) 5 Slomo Deadlifts (20kg) 2 x 10 KB Swings (16kg) 2 x 10 KB Swings (20kg) 2 x TGU (8kg LR) 2 x… Read More Weekly Workout

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The One Minute Workout

A great and informative read. Admittedly I usually work out for more than a minute. Also, I still love how I feel after my weekly jump-rope-and-kettlebell routine, or just plain hopping, skipping, kicking, running and walking about in nature. Nevertheless, this book has provided me with plenty of tips and insights on how to put… Read More The One Minute Workout

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Places of Power

There are certain places that seem to draw us in – in life, as well as on our walks. Places of power. Places of peace. Meeting and re-meeting old friends kind of has the same effect on me. It’s opportunity to take a moment. An opportunity to re-connect, to re-flect. To be present with oneself… Read More Places of Power

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Silk Veil Donations

If you’ve ever danced with a silk veil, you know how precious it feels. It catches the air, it fills the space with colour and movement, it shows the music. It dances all by itself. Silky poetry. However, if you’re like me, veils tend to multiply over the years, and it can be hard to… Read More Silk Veil Donations

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On the right Track

Do you know that feeling.. a physical sense that you might be on to something.. something important, even.. when something energises and inspires you, but you‘re not sure yet where it will lead you? Follow it. Follow your gut, tune in to your ‘body mind’, be sure to add some heart to whatever you do,… Read More On the right Track

Movement, Nature

Poetry in Motion

I came across this quote today from Hermann Hesse‘s ’Siddharta’: … the river is everywhere at once, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the rapids, in the sea, in the mountains, everywhere at once, and that there is only the present time for it, not the shadow of… Read More Poetry in Motion

Dance, Movement

Avoiding the Void

This week I found myself in a pointe-shoe related conundrum. I had procrastinated on saying goodbye to my old (aka very comfortable, but sadly also overly worn) pointe shoes for just a smidge too long, leaving me with very little time for breaking in my new shoes properly before having to wear them in class.… Read More Avoiding the Void

Martial Arts, Movement

Gravity and Flow

One of the most interesting (and unexpectedly fun!) things we got to practice during this weekend’s MartialArts4Children workshop day was ‘ground work’ techniques for MMA. In other words, I survived my very first jujitsu-esque experience. I found it incredibly intriguing. Playing with gravity, using the flow of movement (or at least trying to!) and awareness… Read More Gravity and Flow

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The Power of Breath

How you breathe – it changes everything. This was one of the most profound lessons we learned from our coaches at today‘s MartialArts4Children charity workshops. How you move, what (and how much!) you feel, your speed and accuracy of reaction, your mood, your flexibility, your (inner and outer) strength, all is connected to your breath. We… Read More The Power of Breath