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Looking Up

One of my favorite ways to spend autumnal walks is to get very close to tall trees, and look up. It helps me feel grounded and ‘light’ at the same time. Rooting down, standing tall, reaching up. Letting go in order to grow. Works in dance. And in life. As above. So below. And you?… Read More Looking Up

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Do it Badly

It’s a scary thought, right? To do something.. not very well. What ever that may mean. But it‘s the only way to learn. Do it. Badly, if you must. Check what you did. Retry. Learn. How did we learn how to walk? Through action. Falling down. Fumbling. Getting up. Trying again. All it takes is… Read More Do it Badly

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Walking through Water

Walking through Water (from above and besides) This beautiful 4km walk (a portion of the ‘Cycling Through Water‘ route in Bokrijk, BE) featured big trees, a swan lake, many birds, falling fall foliage and epic shroomery.     A lovely autumn walk with family 🍁  

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When you come to see you are not as wise today as you thought you were yesterday, you are wiser today. If you feel like a good jolt of Truth might do you good (and who doesn’t?) go read Awareness by Anthony de Mello. Do it. You will be not the same.  

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Waterly Würmtal Walk

Last Sunday’s walk in the Würmtaler Woods. It was a bit rainy at the start (and middle, and end), but certainly no less fun. In fact, the woods can be quite beautiful when it rains. Also, there was wizards. And we spotted these late-fall tree-huggers: What is your favourite go-to place when it rains?

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Epic Garlic Soup

Sooo.. what happens if you mix a thai-inspired pumpkin soup recipe with ‘feeling a bit under the weather’ and ‘I don’t have pumpkins but I bought too much garlic’? That’s right. Anti-Vampire Garlic Soup. Good for warding off bloodthirsty demons, as well as for helping your immune system conquer rebellious germs. Ingredients 1 tablespoon (or… Read More Epic Garlic Soup

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Making an Entrance

This post is a bit of an experiment. It is a mix of what we did during the dance workshop titled ‘Making an Entrance’ and the things I’ve learned during that weekend. Because the lessons fade too fast! The workshop was part of a coaching visit for Helène, a beautiful dancer from France/Sweden, and the… Read More Making an Entrance

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Martial Arts after 40

That is what Martial Arts after 40 is about; a journey of self, a discovery of the boundlessness of your mind and body, working as one, expressing your inner joy and wisdom. This book was a present to myself on my 40th birthday. A fantastic read for Martial Arts practitioners of any age. Martial Arts… Read More Martial Arts after 40