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Fan (Veil) Wrangling

A while ago, I wrote a blog post on working with Silk Fan Veils (one of my favourite bellydance fantasy/fusion props!) for ZeOT magazine. One of the many movement arts where flexible fingers, adequate wrist mobility and grip strength come in hand(ha!)y. I will be teaching a fan veil choreography workshop in Belgium this January, as well as… Read More Fan (Veil) Wrangling

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Back to Basics

Today‘s ballet class was amazing. Tuesdays are traditionally dedicated to basics (for pointes as well as ‘regular’ ballet and floorbarre) so it was the perfect way for us students to kick (or grand battement?) the new year into gear, dance-wise. I do my best to take several classes a week when I am not traveling,… Read More Back to Basics

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Dance Goals for 2019

So many possibilities, and some lovely projects already in the works to look forward to. The New Year is wide open. These are my dance goals for 2019: For Ballet Dare to finally try a pirouette on pointes, on both sides 🙂 Dance (and survive) a full choreo en pointe at this year’s(!) recital. Work… Read More Dance Goals for 2019

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Dance and Do Good

I have just now – in collaboration with Dance4Children, my favourite non-profit charity team, set up a special D4C Gumroad Channel. All sales of it’s dance instructional videos (very soon the ‘Shimmy Sessions’ series will be re-released there in full, and hopefully new videos will follow in the coming year!) will go directly and completely… Read More Dance and Do Good

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If the Shoe fits..

Today’s post is all about pointe shoe sizes. I’ve received a few questions about which pointe shoes I dance with currently. At the moment I use Grishko’s ‘Dreampointes’, size 5 1/2 XXX MF for class. For the very curious: I wear them in with Grishko gel toe pads model 2, and a smidge of silver spun lambs… Read More If the Shoe fits..

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To the Pointe

I used to think it was not possible for adults to learn to dance on pointes (or do the splits!), unless they had already practised it extensively as kids. I was also convinced that if I WERE to attempt to learn it, not only would it not work out, I would also be sure to… Read More To the Pointe


Ballet Class Structure

In a typical ballet class, exercises for different technique aspects are taught in a pre-set sequence, each one practised in the form of a mini-combination to music, repeated right and left. No matter the level of the class, the order of the exercises (see below) remains the same. For beginner classes the exercises are kept… Read More Ballet Class Structure