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Christmas, Cranes and Poetry

Happy Christmas! The first Monday in months for me without Martial Arts classes, so I’ll be kicking around the Christmas Tree tonight 🙂 I bumped into this informative link today about how Christmas is celebrated in South Korea.   Random Geekery Diving further into Korea-facts, I read that both the Crane and Hibiscus (H. Syriacus, Korea’s national flower… Read More Christmas, Cranes and Poetry

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Perpetual Learning

If there is one thing that I love about Martial Arts (if I had to choose) it would be that the learning never stops. It’s not supposed to. This might sound cliché, but most probably that’s simply because it’s true. What makes it even better is that the learnings seem to transfer to other (life!)… Read More Perpetual Learning

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Sharpening the Senses

Practising with a blindfold. During a weekend seminar for Haidong Gumdo this November, a few of the exercises we did were executed with our eyes closed/blindfolded, to help sharpen our senses. It was an interesting and enriching experience. Removing sight from the equation tells you exactly where you are ‘at’, training-wise. It slows you right… Read More Sharpening the Senses

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Meet Paper Cut

Jong-I Begi, or paper cutting, is one of the main testing (and competition) disciplines of Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art). It may seem simple, but it takes skill, mental discipline and practise to achieve a clean, even and precise cut across the full width of the paper at each attempt. Paper cutting is used to measure… Read More Meet Paper Cut

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The Way of the Sword

This weekend Mr E and I were lucky enough to participate in our very first Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art) Geup/Kup (Coloured Belt) test, held in Cologne, Germany. It was an interesting, tiring, yet uplifting, exciting and deeply enriching day. The testing itself was preceded by an in-depth 3-hour seminar by ‘our’ GrandMaster Seung-Eun Chae. We… Read More The Way of the Sword

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Taekwondo Forms

Forms (also called ‘poomsae’) are one of my most beloved parts of Taekwondo. To me, forms very closely connect to dance, and to dance practise, combining body, mind and soul in one movement focus. At the moment we are learning Taeguk Pal-jang (8th form), which corresponds to the Kup (red-black) belt. For inspiration, here are my… Read More Taekwondo Forms

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TaeKwonDo Testing

TaeKwonDo Kup (coloured belt) tests for 10th-1st Kup usually include the following elements: Forms Basic Techniques One-Step Sparring Self Defense (Light-No contact) Sparring Breaking Forms/ Poomsae: After a short warmup all Taekwondoins are called to line up by kup/belt grade, they greet the Masters/instructors and are them called demonstrate their (chosen or chosen-for-them) forms. A TaeKwonDo… Read More TaeKwonDo Testing