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Taking a Moment

Relaxing during the evening with a cup of tea – either alone or together – has long been a tradition in House Bech. This year I wanted to take it a step deeper, and delve into the world of tea ceremony. The picture below shows a very simple matcha tea (ie finely ground green tea, often… Read More Taking a Moment

Movement, Nature

Walking in the Rain

This Saturday it was rainy, grey, and chilly outside. Perfect weather for a woodland walk. I love the forest when it rains. Hearing the raindrops on the branches, on the leaves, and on your head. Stepping in puddles on the paths. The forest floor feels more alive. Everything looks cleaner, clearer (at least when it… Read More Walking in the Rain

Dance, Movement

Back to Basics

Today‘s ballet class was amazing. Tuesdays are traditionally dedicated to basics (for pointes as well as ‘regular’ ballet and floorbarre) so it was the perfect way for us students to kick (or grand battement?) the new year into gear, dance-wise. I do my best to take several classes a week when I am not traveling,… Read More Back to Basics

Martial Arts, Movement

Focused Training

Today, in Haidong Gumdo training, we covered several ways to practise and refine a single (diagonal) sword cut. After that, in Taekwondo class, we got to spend most of our time on practising a single kick. I loved it. Time flew by. Focus. Depth. Concentration. Action. Observation. Feedback. Adaptation. Re-focus. The power of Repetition. Of… Read More Focused Training

Movement, Strength

A Gentle Approach

It’s the strong hand, not the weak one, that must learn to be gentle. Today was a day for gentleness. In all things practise, instead of an ‘all or nothing’ approach, sometimes the best way forward is to take a small (or considerable!) step back. To go deeper instead. In strength training for instance, ‘off… Read More A Gentle Approach


The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook – Clair and Amber Davies

If you are interested in learning more about Myofascial trigger points (and/or would like to add Foam rolling and/or Foot reflexology to your self-care routine) be sure to check out The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair and Amber Davies. An extensive, clear, practical and useful resource. Makes great points (ha!)

Flexibility, Movement

Happy Feet

Our feet – incredibly important, ingenious, complex and beautiful movement makers. They contain 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments each. Naturally, taking care of them well benefits us in many ways, including increased strength and flexibility throughout the body. I love using a foot roller – my favourite is… Read More Happy Feet

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All the Journals

Believe it or not, I have reduced my number of journals for 2019.. to 5. 🙂 Less(ish) is more. Right? I do like having different places for recording/finding different kinds of ideas, so I still use a few. These are the ones currently in rotation: Dancers Day Planner – By Cera Byer. I use the quarter-year… Read More All the Journals

Movement, Nature

Goals for Life

For life and love. In 2019 I‘d like to keep the momentum going of: Enjoying the moment, completely, consciously, at least once a day Breathing deeply Spending time in the forest – at least 1-2 times a week Reading books and articles about trees, and nature in general Contemplating the Clouds Enjoying sunsets (and sunrises!)… Read More Goals for Life

Dance, Movement

Dance Goals for 2019

So many possibilities, and some lovely projects already in the works to look forward to. The New Year is wide open. These are my dance goals for 2019: For Ballet Dare to finally try a pirouette on pointes, on both sides 🙂 Dance (and survive) a full choreo en pointe at this year’s(!) recital. Work… Read More Dance Goals for 2019