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What are we?

When dance gives you wings ✨ How do we know what we are? This is something I briefly talked about at the end one of my recent (online) classes. The past few years I’ve noticed my focus has been shifting. In the ‘learning department’ I’ve been spending more time studying various dance and movement arts… Read More What are we?

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Clouds and Awe

How does this picture make you feel? The beauty of Nature. Always in motion. Earlier that same day: It reminds me of one of my favorite poems: Percy Bysshe Shelley’s the Cloud. Bonus Geekery: The Invention of Clouds Cloud Poetry The Sky and the Sea

Movement, Nature

After the Rain

Encountered on my way home today – after a downpour had swept clear the streets. I quite enjoy walking in the rain. The sights, the sounds, the smells. Everything feels more clear. More connected. And you? Bonus geekery A list of the Gods of rain A beautiful Sioux legend on The Rainmakers (aka they who… Read More After the Rain

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Walk the Path

Walk, and the path will appear. Sometimes doing is the best way to learn. Mistakes can help us grow. They usually point us in interesting directions. I keep relearning this lesson. It goes for movement, dance, and life. What are you learning right now? PS: I’m putting my own words into practice, and I’ll be… Read More Walk the Path

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When a mirror is held up. What do you see? Resistance. Vulnerability. Strength. Compliance. Separation. Oneness. Ease. Discomfort. Courage. Fear. Resilience. Beauty. Flaws. Action. Stillness. Nothing. All. What can we discover, when we look without judgement? Interesting how our (inner and outer) environments will bring out different aspects of our selves. Interesting how what we… Read More Multitudes

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Quieting the Mind

When the mind grows calm, it opens up. It creates space. To ‘click in’. To connect. To get reacquainted with what is. No voice to be heard in the mind. Today I learned a term for it. Two words, to be exact. Wordless Oneness. I’ve never heard of it. Have you? I do like the ring… Read More Quieting the Mind