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To the Pointe

I used to think it was not possible for adults to learn to dance on pointes (or do the splits!), unless they had already practised it extensively as kids. I was also convinced that if I WERE to attempt to learn it, not only would it not work out, I would also be sure to… Read More To the Pointe

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Taekwondo Forms

Forms (also called ‘poomsae’) are one of my most beloved parts of Taekwondo. To me, forms very closely connect to dance, and to dance practise, combining body, mind and soul in one movement focus. At the moment we are learning Taeguk Pal-jang (8th form), which corresponds to the Kup (red-black) belt. For inspiration, here are my… Read More Taekwondo Forms

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Do you skip?

Today‘s post is an ode to rope skipping. One of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest(!) ways to practise stamina, coordination and strength at the same time. I used to love rope skipping as a kid, I had some mean moves (cross arms, double skips) for solo as well as for the 2-rope group skippin’ kind,… Read More Do you skip?

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Moving for Charity – Bootcamp4Children

I would like to dedicate this blog post to Dance4Children and the amazing work they do, as well as to my learnings at D4Cs Bootcamp4Children weekend this July. What (and who?) is Dance4Children? D4C is my favourite charity team, founded by a group of gorgeous, brilliant and warm-hearted dancers from Belgium. Coralie, Lou, and Tamy… Read More Moving for Charity – Bootcamp4Children

Martial Arts

TaeKwonDo Testing

TaeKwonDo Kup (coloured belt) tests for 10th-1st Kup usually include the following elements: Forms Basic Techniques One-Step Sparring Self Defense (Light-No contact) Sparring Breaking Forms/ Poomsae: After a short warmup all Taekwondoins are called to line up by kup/belt grade, they greet the Masters/instructors and are them called demonstrate their (chosen or chosen-for-them) forms. A TaeKwonDo… Read More TaeKwonDo Testing


Ballet Class Structure

In a typical ballet class, exercises for different technique aspects are taught in a pre-set sequence, each one practised in the form of a mini-combination to music, repeated right and left. No matter the level of the class, the order of the exercises (see below) remains the same. For beginner classes the exercises are kept… Read More Ballet Class Structure


Practice Tips

Making the most out of your practice sessions – even when time is short! – is a theme I often receive questions about. Here are my favourite tips for working as effectively as possible at home, with or without practice videos and DVDs, as well as on how to get the most out of your… Read More Practice Tips