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It gets Better

It gets better. Something good to remember – especially for things that ‘take their time’. I love listening to podcasts. Usually I take the time to tune in on my way to/from ballet class, or while I’m doing administration work and chores at home. Even when the topics are not really dance related, they often… Read More It gets Better

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Let’s Dance

So.. only a few weeks to go before this year’s ballet recital of Ballettschule Renoldi in Aachen, DE This year I will be dancing in a few of the intermediated/advanced student group dances, including – some of these – on pointes. A first for me.. dancing on stage en pointes at 40(!) The dances –… Read More Let’s Dance

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Shoot4Children 2019

Note: In preparations for this event, I’ve also created a blog post with tips for photoshoots – go check it out! Below are a few impressions (more to follow soon!) from this year’s ‘Shoot4Children’ event – a charity photoshoot for Dance4Children – with huge thanks to the incredibly talented Philippe Rikir, our generous Makeup Artists… Read More Shoot4Children 2019

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Sword and Ball

Today in HaiDong GumDo (Korean Sword Art) class, we practiced Deon-Jeo Begi (throw cutting) For students of our (colour grade belt) level, this means throwing a small object (for instance a tennis ball, or light rubber ball) up in the air, drawing your (non-sharp wooden practice-) sword with that same hand(!), and cutting the thrown… Read More Sword and Ball

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Do the Work

The song we’re composing already exists in potential. Our work is to find it. Can we hear it in our head? It exists, like a signal coming from a faraway radio tower. Our job is to tune to that frequency. A short, spiffy, and highly motivational read. ‘Do the Work’ by Steven Pressfield

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Pure Thoughts

I get a special sense of peace when cleaning/clearing a space, be it for practice or for living. I might procrastinate things at times, but once I start ‘clearing the decks’, something always shifts. Ideas, motivation and creativity start flowing more freely. Conversely, I find it strange to begin something new when the old is… Read More Pure Thoughts