Movement, Nature


Nothing is the same. It never will be. We will have to find new ways. Always. Our latest walk in Münsterbusch & Brander Wald, home of the Mysterious Pasture Beech. It looked quite different after the storms.

Movement, Nature

Magnolia Revisited

Last spring I wrote about our Martial Magnolia, a beautiful tree that grows right next to the building of our beloved teacher’s Dojang. Yesterday I was reminded of it, as I encountered a beautiful blooming magnolia tree while shopping for groceries. It made me think of our martial arts classes, which will be on hold… Read More Magnolia Revisited

Books, Movement

Books and Life

Books have been my (nearly) life-long companions. The ones I’ve read throughout my life have transported me, educated me, and in a way, still shape me into who I am today. Books to me are a way to escape and to ground at the same time. Since the moment I could read I was hooked.… Read More Books and Life

Flexibility, Movement

Stacey Nemour Martial Arts Power System – New flexibility blog post series!

I’ll be writing a new blog post series soon on my experiences with Stacey Nemours new Martial Arts Power System online flexibility course package. I will be working with this online video series from home, as well as posting updates on my progress every now and then. Part of the classes I’ll be writing about have overlap… Read More Stacey Nemour Martial Arts Power System – New flexibility blog post series!

Movement, Nature

Nature Therapy

Last weekend’s walk in Eschweiler Wald featured toads, butterflies (hard to photograph, very fast ones!) trees, birds and fresh spring water. A moment to free our minds and rinse our souls.. Enjoy!

Movement, Strength

Inner Strength

When things go strange, it’s more important than ever to take good care of ourselves, and each other. Let’s give this moment (and the next, and the one after that) our very best. Sending much love. And, for those who can use it these days, a bit of gentle movement. A free 2,5 minute downloadable/streaming dance-along… Read More Inner Strength

Inspiration, Movement

Taking Care

Lately, I’ve been enjoying silence. Perhaps it’s a compensation for the louder world outside. Or even the one inside. Seeking balance. I’ve noticed it while cleaning our floors yesterday. No music, no podcast, no background-filling. And I didn’t miss it, for a change. It’s different. Just my thoughts, a few traffic sounds from further away,… Read More Taking Care

Dance, Movement

Tips for Shimmy Practice

Time for a shimmy blog update. Read on below! Note: This post was inspired by a question by Laura of UK/Ireland in my KDanceOnline FB group after working with my Shimmy Sessions online class series (now available on the Dance4Children charity channel!), as well as by an amazingly thorough 3/4 shimmy technique practice breakdown shared… Read More Tips for Shimmy Practice