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A tree for a tree.. Together we recharge for spring. The past few weeks I’ve finally gotten around to spending more time in the woods. I’ve missed it. It feel more calm, more alive, more awake if I can get outside for a bit. And you? What is your favourite way to re-energise?

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Folding for Peace

Every Monday and Thursday, before leaving for Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo class, I fold our doboks. It calms me, and it helps me get into the ‘learning zone’. What about you? What are your favourite pre-practise (or performance!) habits/rituals? Bonus geekery: The way of the Fold, by Marie Kondo  

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Strength for February

A short recap of the last workout/strength practise session of the month – in this case also our Taekwondo belt test preparation workout. This February has been action-packed, with lots of dance events (and thus plenty loaded carries!), but not as much time taken on Sundays for focused strength work. Nevertheless, we managed to squeeze in 2… Read More Strength for February

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TaeKwondo Perfekt

This week’s book (series) recommendation is a very practical one, as I am currently working with it for my TaeKwonDo forms and terms studies. I absolutely adore this book series, detailing TKD techniques and forms in words and images.   It was co-created by Korean Grandmaster Kim Chul-Hwan and Konstantin Gil of Germany. The series consists of… Read More TaeKwondo Perfekt

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As mentioned in yesterday’s post on hayfever, I will share the meditation routine I am currently experimenting with. Note: I prefer to do this meditation while lying on my back, right before starting my movement practise. You could however also try it in a seated position, and/or while lying in bed – either right before… Read More Meditation

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Spring in my Nose

Last spring my love for being outside was slightly impaired by a record-year of hayfeverish symptoms. I never had hayfever as a kid, but I do remember always reacting sneezily to dust, and feeling a bit itchy after playing in straw. A few days ago I started noticing familiar sniffly symptoms: itchy eyes, a runny… Read More Spring in my Nose

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Quantum Kicking

This week’s TaeKwonDo epiphany is brought to you by quantum mechanics. Not kicking quantums – that is something that intrinsically happens. We’re always kicking quantums. Anyway. Recently, as I was struggling with a turning kick in Taekwondo, our Teacher made the remark that I will have to let go of trying to check what my… Read More Quantum Kicking