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Forest Meditation

Nothing like a long walk, or jog, or rum – or even a short one! – in a forest to clear my head. As the next best thing, check out this amazing how-to on forest meditation from’s-forest-meditation Enjoy!  

Martial Arts, Movement

Competition Love

It’s been a long time since I’ve last taken part in a dance competition, although I still do enjoy being a judge! I have recently re-discovered my love for competing through Martial Arts. What is it that I love about it? It teaches me to stay focused under pressure, to prepare consciously for peak performance,… Read More Competition Love

Movement, Strength

April Workout

Logging today’s strength practise session, just to see where things are at: Warmup Qigong Body swings Upper body stretches 5 Slow Inverted Rows Rope skipping 100 regular jumps (1 x 100 jumps in one go) 100 speed jumps (needed a few restarts) 150 one-legged jumps (75 LR) 50 high jumps (knees up) Kettlebell Practise Simple &… Read More April Workout

Books, Movement

Catching the Big Fish – David Lynch

I‘m a big fan of his films and series, and I love how this book reveals the origins of the deep inspiration, intuitive ideas and unbridled creativity behind his work. Also: a big up for the power of meditation! Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch

Movement, Nature


Psithurism. The rustling of leaves in the wind. Derived from the ancient Greek word for a whisper. I didn’t know there was a word for it. But I do know how it feels to hear the sound. Do you?

Martial Arts, Movement

The ‘Why’ of Practice

During a profoundly inspirational Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art) seminar with EUHGA Headmaster Sang-Hyun Han, the following question was asked by one of the participants: ‘why do we put ourselves through suffering in practice?’ I can’t piece together the exact answer, but I do remember I felt deeply inspired. The gist of Master Han’s response was:… Read More The ‘Why’ of Practice

Movement, Strength

Do You Even Plank?

As some of you who know me, know, I’ve been a fan of Planking since many years. The strength exercise variation of it, though, long remained elusive to me, because I struggled with the torso alignment required for executing a plank with proper form. What helped me immensely, was the brilliant Katy Bowman’s advice to… Read More Do You Even Plank?

Flexibility, Movement

Rumble Rollin’

Meet Rumbly R., my trusted blue travel-size Rumble Roller. One of my go-to tools (next to the YogaTuneUp Balls!) for treating my muscles to a deep tissue recovery session whenever I feel it is needed. Like a field of thumbs, nothing beats it’s effectivity when it comes to releasing trigger points. Rumbly R. is slightly… Read More Rumble Rollin’