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Turkish Get Up

An ode to the Turkish Get Up. This post is inspired by today’s online ‘Fit für den Tanz’ Workshop (my very first Instagram Live teaching adventure!) for Delanna’s amazing WOW21 Project. (in support of Dance4Children!) When executed with good form, it’s a wonderful home-physio exercise, combining coordination, strength, fluidity and balance. I first learned about… Read More Turkish Get Up

Flexibility, Movement

Interview with Stacey Nemour

An Interview with Stacey Nemour – my favorite online flexibility coach & martial artist! Stacey is an incredibly kind and experienced instructor, and she generously agreed to donate a 15-minute beginner stretching video to our Dance4Children online channel. Below you’ll find her journey into flexibility work, common misconceptions about flexibility training, as well as details… Read More Interview with Stacey Nemour

Dance, Movement

Why I love Ballet

Hello there, How are you doing on this beautiful Sunday? I just returned from an amazing weekend of ballet and floor barre workshops with Thierry Paré, an incredibly inspiring dancer and instructor. It inspired me to write (and put my feet up while I do it!) Check dem lines! He was hosted by Constanze, my amazing… Read More Why I love Ballet

Movement, Nature

Eschweiler Beeches

Views from this Saturday’s early evening walk in Eschweiler wald with Mr E. A bit of nature appreciation after completing our first MoveSpiration Online charity workshop day for Dance4Children. Enjoy!

Inspiration, Movement

A Virtual Forest Walk

If we cannot bring you to the forest.. we’ll bring the forest to you 🙂 Enjoy this little forest walk-and-promo-video for the upcoming online MoveSpiration event Saturday 25th of July MoveSpiration Online is an afternoon of mini workshops for a very good cause, taught by my favorite teachers, featuring dance and movement arts from all… Read More A Virtual Forest Walk

Dance, Movement

Interview with Elise Samba

Below you’ll find an interview with the gorgeous Elise of Belgium. She’s an incredible artist and a knowledgeable and experienced Samba teacher. Elise owns one of the very first official brazilian dance schools in Belgium, and has officially been part of the Rio Carnaval Parade! A dancer, instructor, costume designer and a beautiful soul to… Read More Interview with Elise Samba