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A change in perspective can widen your world. The same goes for exposing yourself to new sensory input, learning a different language, encountering something you’ve never seen/heard/smelled/tasted/felt before, traveling to a new-to-you place, asking different questions, or finding a way of moving that is slightly unfamiliar to you. Try taking in your environment from a… Read More Perspective

Movement, Nature

Find the Gold

Remember find the green? It counts for other colours, too. If you can, get outside today and go find something beautiful. PS: if you find it, and happen to capture it – share below!

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Moving for Charity – Bootcamp4Children

I would like to dedicate this blog post to Dance4Children and the amazing work they do, as well as to my learnings at D4Cs Bootcamp4Children weekend this July. What (and who?) is Dance4Children? D4C is my favourite charity team, founded by a group of gorgeous, brilliant and warm-hearted dancers from Belgium. Coralie, Lou, and Tamy… Read More Moving for Charity – Bootcamp4Children