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FRESH INPUT – It can do so much for us. For the better. I recently got myself a new pair of pointe shoes for ballet. It’s a different brand than I am used to (Merlet, used to be Grishko) with a totally different feel. And I notice 2 things: 1 . Different sensations, even very… Read More Recalibrating

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Concentration Station

CONCENTRATION – a super power that can be used to create lasting changes, spurts of growth and deep transformation. In physics and in life. How? When you focus all of your attention, all your power into ONE though, ONE moment, ONE action, amazing things can happen. Creating art. Learning a skill. Kick-starting a Transformation. Or..… Read More Concentration Station

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What is a DOBOK? It’s the uniform you wear for practicing Korean Martial Arts Do stands for ‘way’ Bok means ‘clothing’ There are different kinds, the most common ones worn for Taekwondo are: fully white (for any level) white with black collar (for dan/black belt grade) white with black collar & coloured trousers (for forms… Read More Dobok-ology

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Doing it All

DANCE & MARTIAL ARTS – Can it go together? I think so. I feel that both arts complement each other really well. For movement, for fitness, for training, for spirit, for inspiration, for life. And I will write about this in more detail soon. However. I do notice though, especially at times when I am… Read More Doing it All

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Staff Stuffs

I’ve always loved kung fu movies. love the skills, the speed, the fluid movements of weapon arts. One of the things I’ve always wanted to learn is shaolin staff or bo staff. See this video starting at 3:00 in this awesome action scene from Stephen Chow’s ‘kung fu hustle’: So.. in this age of online… Read More Staff Stuffs

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Time for a moment of appreciation. Because I’ve been attending ballet group dance rehearsals (which take place on Mondays and Thursdays) for Constanze’s upcoming recitals, I have not been able to go to Taekwondo for the past (and upcoming!) few weeks. And. I really miss it! I miss the classes, the teacher, the people. I noticed… Read More Appreciation