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Why I love Rope Skipping

So WHY am I m subjecting all my dancer friends to fitness invitations lately? Read on below.

Has anyone here done rope skipping as a child? I did, and I LOVED it!!

Recently (aka a few years ago) I re-discovered my love for it because of Martial Arts training.

In other words, I felt I needed to do something for my stamina because even the warm ups of TaeKwonDo class were kicking my BUTT – and in ballet (which helped me ENORMOUSLY for belly dance) class, the jumping sequences nearly did me in.

So.. I wanted to find something QUICK that I could do at home

I decided to try rope skipping again

Bruce Lee recommended it in his Martial Arts fitness book πŸ™‚


Source: Fit with Khalida Instagram

I had some trouble with coordination at first (sometimes even now also)

Usually this means that I am ‘not fully there’ with my mind, or working on some kind of problem simultaneously.

So it’s a great Zen-test as well!

And I could only do short bouts at first (I do stretches in between)

Source: Fit with Khalida Instagram

I LOVE it!

My favourite training partner for Cardio!

It does get easier (AND more fun!)

Even once a week, just 10-15 minutes make a world of difference.

AND I feel more energized and happy if I do it.

So.. I’d love to spread the joy πŸ™‚

What does this mean?

If you’d like to be able to make it through your next dance/martial arts practice session without breaking a sweat (glow πŸ˜„)

Join my FREE FIT with Khalida Cardio/Rope Skipping Workout!

What will you need?

  • a skipping rope (IF you have one!)
  • sneakers/sports shoes (IF you use a rope)
  • a wall or a set of yoga blocks (for stretching)

If you have any questions, simply comment below.

Xx K.

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