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Why I created Fit with Khalida

First of all, if you feel like you would like to get MOVING with me on the regular, you are very warmly welcome to join me at FIT with Khalida

What is this Fit with Khalida?

And why did I start yet ANOTHER online project?

These are very, very good questions.

Since this year, I’ve been feeling the urge to take care of myself better, both physically and mentally.

And.. I realized, after a while (see below if you have time for the full back story :)) that in order to get my energy, clarity and happiness back, I needed to..

  • have less
  • do less
  • think less
  • .. and move more.

I needed to get MOVING – literally, move MORE.

Take care of my body as best I can, and all the rest would take care of itself. 

What a concept, right?

And it WORKED. It is working. It always works.

IF I make time to work on my strength and flexibility, I rest better, I eat better, I think better, I FEEL better. And it is much easier to set good priorities from that place.

I decided I wanted to find a way to make it as easy and accessible as possible to do this. For myself AND for others. And share this with as many dancers (or er, humans!) as possible, because I know I am probably not alone.

Where (and when) am I doing this?

Since this March, I am offering FREE Live Fitness & Flexibility Session for EVERYONE who wants to join me, twice a week.

Strength on Thursdays, Flexibility/Mobility on Saturdays. Both at 12:30 CET.

How can YOU join?

So.. How did I get to this point?

At the end of last year, while I was super happy and excited about starting my BOOST Program (which is giving me SO MUCH JOY even today!) I had a nagging feeling in the background that I was somehow running out of steam. 

I had to find a way to clear the decks.

What this meant for me was.. a couple of things:

1. Clear out THINGS that were blocking my energy

-> As you may know, clutter that accumulates (in your body, your mind, OR your environment) can start draining your energy. So over the holidays, my husband (Mr. E) and I decided to take serious action. We went through ALL our belongings, and checked what could be given away, sold, discarded, or repurposed. This was a lot of work, and it took us a few ‘phases’ (plus, we ordered a RACK to put order to the things that remained) And it was totally worth it.

So. Very. Freeing.

2. Clear out TASKS that were blocking my energy

-> Next to that, I had to make a few tough choices. Instead of running around mentally and feeling like I was never ‘catching up’, I knew I needed to take a good look at how I was spending my time and energy – our most precious resources.

This included taking an honest look at past-times that were fun, but maybe not the healthiest.. as in endless scrolling on the interwebs, saying ‘yes’ to too many (very fun and interesting! but also time-consuming) collaboration ideas, diving deeply into things and get fixated on details that maybe did not need that much attention.

3. Clear out THOUGHTS that were blocking my energy

Doing things out of habit, without questioning their purpose, and letting my to do/learn/make/read lists accumulate, also made my thoughts accumulate.

Until it all became.. a clutter.

Until I couldn’t sleep.

There were too many tasks, too many thoughts, too many (self-made) responsibilities, too many unfinished businesses in my thoughts to even know where to begin.

So I had to take a step (or two) back, review all the things I had been on my daily lists, and – just like with the physical items – sort them out.

One by one.

I had to realize I could not do it all. And make choices. I had to sit (or lie down) and do nothing for a while, and let the thoughts in my mind settle for a while, before I could see more clearly again.

A much more difficult (for me!) variation of de-cluttering.

But SO very worth it.

So.. What happened next?

AFTER I did the de-cluttering, I finally was able to get more rest, to journal, to meditate (aka do all the things that give me clarity – AND restore my energy and creativity)

So then I realized what would help me most.

Simply. start. MOVING

And this is how ‘Fit with Khalida‘ was born 🙂

Fit with K – aka me 🙂

How about you? Could your life use a bit of movement right now?

IF the story above resonates with you, and you want to get moving with me (YEEES!) then sign up here to get my LIVE Workout Reminders via email two times a week.

Let’s DO DIS. You will feel like a super hero after each session you do, I swear.

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