Movement, Nature

Above and Below

Walking the ‘other side’ of Eschweiler wald. All the way up to the highest point, and then back down again. A blustery fall evening with beautiful views. Let’s keep moving, as best we can. Mushrooms, meadows, movement, and Mr. E Enjoy!

Dance, Movement

Why I love Ballet

Hello there, How are you doing on this beautiful Sunday? I just returned from an amazing weekend of ballet and floor barre workshops with Thierry Paré, an incredibly inspiring dancer and instructor. It inspired me to write (and put my feet up while I do it!) Check dem lines! He was hosted by Constanze, my amazing… Read More Why I love Ballet

Movement, Nature

Smell the Roses

I met these gorgeous roses on my way to the store just yesterday. Their scent got to me me before I could see them. Stop and smell. Stop and smell. So I did. And I listened. Then I felt. A taste of freedom. All the senses in one second. Get outside. Take a walk. Enjoy.

Movement, Strength

September Strength

Soo.. after a few stops and starts, Mr. E and I have finally gotten back into the groove with our Sunday strength practice for the past few weeks. I’ve been noticing the benefits, especially combined with my Monday BOOST sessions, where I repeat portions of our Sunday workout and apply them to dance. I’ve been… Read More September Strength

Dance, Movement

Sound and Vision

The falling of the leaves. One of my favorite photos ever by the amazing Die Elster This picture was made during our very first photo shoot together, in Aachener Stadtpark, about 4 years ago. We used a red silk veil for the movement at the top, plus 4 more red silk fan veils for the ‘drape’… Read More Sound and Vision

Movement, Nature

Würmtal in September

A few impressions from our latest walk in Würmtaler Wald. There’s nothing like a brisk nature walk. A great way to recalibrate our senses, move our limbs, empty our minds, and replenish our souls. Enjoy!

Inspiration, Movement

September Signs

And suddenly it’s fall. September has always been one of my favorite months. With cooler nights, slightly shorter days, but still quite a bit of light. It feels quieter. A bit more internal. Something I’m feeling ready for after a few bustling summer months. It’s the moment right before the leaves start turning, at least… Read More September Signs