Movement, Nature

Sense & Sensitivity

Mr. E and I walked this walk with our eyes closed. One, guided by the other. It was a super interesting, humbling and enlightening experience. To keep our balance, it helped enormously to visualize our path. Something to keep in mind. If you can see the path in your mind‘s eye, you will be able… Read More Sense & Sensitivity

Dance, Movement

Less is More

LESS IS MORE – Two veil wraps and piano music.. that’s it. That’s the full dance. Inspired by this year’s VEIL BOOST Online Program Sometimes.. less is more, right? When dancing, especially with props, it can be super tempting to want to do EVERYTHING, all at once, in one choreography. What this usually does is make… Read More Less is More

Dance, Movement

What Moves Beneath

ARE YOU EVEN DANCING? ❤️ ONE question to ask yourself – it will change everything when you’re dancing with veil (or any prop for that matter!) Why? Because how YOU move is what makes all the difference. Having a dance with props (or without!) look fluid and smooth is not about the ‘moves’ you can… Read More What Moves Beneath