Movement, Nature


The sun, a brook, blue sky, the light, my love.. Beautiful brander wald walk in the winter sun. Woodland walks are one of my absolute favorite ways to recalibrate, reset, rest and recharge. How about you?

Movement, Nature

Wurmtaler Winter Walk

Wonderful winterly walk at Wurmtaler Wald today with Mr. E – Nature time.. just what the soul needed ☺️💫🌳✨ To my WOWbis: Check todays post and stories at for tips on how to prioritize and plan based on last year’s reflections 👀 —— To my BOOSTie Members: We will dive into this topic tomorrow… Read More Wurmtaler Winter Walk

Movement, Nature

Blausteinsee in October

Caught a beautiful sunny-and-cloudy evening late October, walking around Eschweiler’s Blausteinsee with Mr. E. Enjoy!! How about you? What are your favorite walking routes/places? Please share in the comments below!

Movement, Nature

Summer in Bad Ebernburg

AUGUST – Ooh, where did the summer go? Going through the pictures of the past few months.. revisiting, reliving, re-appreciating the moments spent in nature Here are some impressions from Bad Ebernburg Am Stein in Germany, a beautiful spa town where we attended a Korean Sword (HDGD) Camp with Grandmaster Chulkyung Lee and Grandmaster Seung-Eun Chae (hosted… Read More Summer in Bad Ebernburg

Dance, Movement

FREE DVD for you

Happy Thursday! Hope you are ready for a surprise 🙂 As a THANK YOU to you for being here.. and also because: I feel SUPER lucky to still be able do what I love online (aka teach and move/geek out/be silly) after 20 years (oh my gosh haha, time flies) with you all I LOVE… Read More FREE DVD for you

Movement, Nature

Magnolia Appreciation

Appreciating the final day of blooming of the gorgeous magnolia tree outside Master Chae’s Mudojang in Eschweiler. A yearly end-of-March tradition. Enjoy!! PS: Tap HERE for bonus Magnolia facts/geekery 🙂 Have a great day! xxx K.

Movement, Nature

Sense & Sensitivity

Mr. E and I walked this walk with our eyes closed. One, guided by the other. It was a super interesting, humbling and enlightening experience. To keep our balance, it helped enormously to visualize our path. Something to keep in mind. If you can see the path in your mind‘s eye, you will be able… Read More Sense & Sensitivity