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Brander Wald in Spring

BRANDER WALD – Finally getting around to sharing these.. Keep an eye out for more Aachener spring walkies of April & May 2024 PS: Scroll all the way to the end of the carousel for a bonus cat ENJOY!!

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Soheir Zaki Appreciation

Ah.. SOHEIR ZAKI – The sweetness of Belly Dance.. Who is Soheir Zaki? Soheir Zaki (Arabic: سهير زكي is an Egyptian belly dancer and actress. She appeared in over 100 Egyptian films from the 1960s to the 1980s. SOHEIR ZAKI was born in Mansoura, Egypt on January 4, 1945. When she was nine, her parents moved the family to Alexandria.… Read More Soheir Zaki Appreciation

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Samia Gamal Love

Ah.. SAMIA GAMAL – My first love of Golden Era Belly Dance.. Who is Samia Gamal? Samia Gamal  is a famous dancer and actress from the Golden Era of Dance in Egypt. SAMIA GAMAL – also called ‘the Butterfly of Belly Dance’ and ‘the National Dancer of Egypt’ – was born in 1924 as Zaynab… Read More Samia Gamal Love

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Magnolia Time

It’s that time of the year again! Meet the ‘Martial Magnolia’ – A gorgeous tree just outside of Sportschule Chae, our ‘Martial Arts home’ since October 2015. So beautiful. Right? We’ve been lucky enough to see this beautiful tree in bloom every year now here since 2016 (more on that later, I’ll be posting more… Read More Magnolia Time

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The sun, a brook, blue sky, the light, my love.. Beautiful brander wald walk in the winter sun. Woodland walks are one of my absolute favorite ways to recalibrate, reset, rest and recharge. How about you?

Movement, Nature

Wurmtaler Winter Walk

Wonderful winterly walk at Wurmtaler Wald today with Mr. E – Nature time.. just what the soul needed ☺️💫🌳✨ To my WOWbis: Check todays post and stories at for tips on how to prioritize and plan based on last year’s reflections 👀 —— To my BOOSTie Members: We will dive into this topic tomorrow… Read More Wurmtaler Winter Walk