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Doing it All

DANCE & MARTIAL ARTS – Can it go together? I think so. I feel that both arts complement each other really well. For movement, for fitness, for training, for spirit, for inspiration, for life. And I will write about this in more detail soon. However. I do notice though, especially at times when I am… Read More Doing it All

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Taking a Moment

STOP AND SMELL THE.. what? Two questions for you: What are you thankful for right now? What can you see that is beautiful to you? These gorgeous flowers (Japanese Anemone I’ve learned) have been blooming wildly for weeks in our neighbor’s back yard. So fascinating how the smallest things (like how the light shines through… Read More Taking a Moment

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Book Tip: Inside Ballet Technique – Valerie Grieg

This book is a pocket-sized, jam-packed with information treasure, diving into the biomechanics of dance and movement. Based on ballet, written by a gorgeous dancer, useful for practitioners and instructors of all types of dance. Inside Ballet Technique by Valerie Grieg. Other Dance/Movement Books I love: Anatomy of Breathing Anatomy Trains Classical Ballet Technique Note:… Read More Book Tip: Inside Ballet Technique – Valerie Grieg

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Seas of Time

SEAS OF TIME – This one is a mix of all my thoughts and ponderings of June. What do YOU ‘Sea’ in this image? Let me know below! Usually, when I make ‘a thing’ (a blog post, a post, a dance, a class, or – like here – a digital collage), I don’t have a… Read More Seas of Time

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Tools for Creation

TOOLS – What are the instruments you can use (or COULD use) for creating? for teaching? for finding inspiration? and for expressing? Here is a list of mine: (Feel free to save this post for reference, & let me know if you have questions about these!) FOR CREATING ✅ Pen & Paper (thoughts into ideas)… Read More Tools for Creation

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The Warrior

THE UNIVERSE IS ON YOUR SIDE – My very first digital Collage. How/Why did I make this? First of all.. I wasn’t expecting/aiming to create something ‘shareable’ at all. This was just me trying out what I had learnt, starting with a picture that I wanted to post, digital doodling, because on Wednesday I finally… Read More The Warrior