Inspiration, Movement

A You-Care BOOST

SELF CARE CRUSADER – That’s my job these days. Here’s why: I firmly believe that taking good care of ourselves is important. It can change the course of your life, and of those around you(!) for the better, forever I also know this is not always easy to do, or even to figure out where… Read More A You-Care BOOST

Movement, Nature

Summer Views

VIEWS – Some things only get more beautiful through the years. Mom’s gorgeous garden by the Meuse. Always makes me happy to see it. Enjoy!!  

Movement, Nature

Eschweiler Wald and Clouds

A wonderful walk (with dramatic clouds) together with Mr. E in Eschweiler Wald. We’re at the half-way point of this year as I write this. A perfect time to look back (and  ahead), don’t you think? What do you dream of for the next part of this year? Please share in the comment below! Enjoy!


Time Traveling Taxes

TAXES and TIME TRAVELING So. I finished my tax return yesterday. (which means I am feeling like an actual adult today – almost :)) Taxes (for dance) are the strangest thing. Whenever I do my tax return for a full year in one go (2020 in this case), it makes me re-live what I experienced.… Read More Time Traveling Taxes