Movement, Nature

Fall Beauty

I love the colours, scents, sounds and quieter moods of fall. They invite me to turn inward, to rest.. reflect. To take in the ever changing views. Letting thoughts and feelings come and go, go with the flow. A reminder that everything is in motion. And all things are moving unseen. What is your favorite… Read More Fall Beauty

Movement, Nature

Above and Below

Walking the ‘other side’ of Eschweiler wald. All the way up to the highest point, and then back down again. A blustery fall evening with beautiful views. Mushrooms, meadows, movement, and Mr. E Let’s keep moving, as best we can. Enjoy!

Dance, Movement

Why I love Ballet

Hello there, How are you doing on this beautiful Sunday? I just returned from an amazing weekend of ballet and floor barre workshops with Thierry Paré, an incredibly inspiring dancer and instructor. It inspired me to write (and put my feet up while I do it!) Check dem lines! He was hosted by Constanze, my amazing… Read More Why I love Ballet

Movement, Nature

Smell the Roses

I met these gorgeous roses on my way to the store just yesterday. Their scent got to me me before I could see them. Stop and smell. Stop and smell. So I did. And I listened. Then I felt. A taste of freedom. All the senses in one second. Get outside. Take a walk. Enjoy.