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Spring for You

Happy Easter ✨ What does Spring mean to you? I love that there is more light again, birds are singing in the forest, there’s bright green grass in the fields, fresh flowers and leaves popping up everywhere, deer hopping about, bumblebees buzzing, even mosquitoes are dancing. Waking up. Nature is waking up. And hopefully, so… Read More Spring for You

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Workout Adaptations

Here are some tips to adapt any work out to your level. To get the MOST out of your workouts, you want to aim for the ‘Sweet Spot’ where you are feeling challenged by the exercise, but are still able to breathe, hold your posture and execute the movements with proper form. Try these modification… Read More Workout Adaptations

Movement, Nature

Spring Feelings

Yesterdays walk in Eschweiler wald was too beautiful not to share. We were able to catch the forest after a gush of rain, so the air was fresh, everything still glistened, the birds were singing and the clouds, the light were gorgeous. We even encountered 2 deer on our way home. Enjoy! For videos of… Read More Spring Feelings

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Dancing with Silks

ONE WITH YOUR FANVEILS – How to move with props & make it DANCE? Read on Below for Tips & feel free to share this Post! 1. Move from the Heart This I mean literally and figuratively. Move from the center of your upper body, breathe, and pay attention to what’s going on inside your… Read More Dancing with Silks

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DREAMSCAPES – Have you ever had dreams where you were able to recognize the place(s) you are in from previous dreams? If yes, do share (and – if you can – describe your places/dreams!) below. I’ll do so, too, later on. It always has a special kind of feeling when this happens. It can be… Read More DreamScapes

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Meditation Magick

MEDITATION – an easy (and totally free!) way to restore, refocus, and recover. I’m always surprised at how well it works. It fills the energy tanks, clears bumping-around thoughts and releases body tension. So.. What happens when You meditate? During the session? Can you describe it? If you want, please share below! For me it… Read More Meditation Magick