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Ok, I want to dive a bit deeper into this topic with you..  On CONNECTION. (BOOSTies! We’ll play with this a bit more THIS Friday) INTROS – What’s the MOST important? CONNECTION. To yourself, your music, your audience. In that order. Even (especially!) when you’re facing AWAY from the audience. How do you do it? You… Read More Connection

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On Creativity & Intros

ON CREATIVITY Here’s the thing: There’s often SO MUCH you can do to set the tone of your intro/dance/performance that it can be hard to know where to start sometimes. Having TOO MANY options can get intimidating/overwhelming. Right? This is why I love keeping things SIMPLE. Never mind the movements. Trust that the ideas will… Read More On Creativity & Intros

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Blausteinsee Sunset

Gorgeous sunlight on our latest walk around the Blausteinsee. Not the first walk of the year, but the first time Mr. E and I were out and about early enough to have light enough for pictures 🙂 Enjoy!

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IF YOU WANT SOMETHING.. GO GET IT! That’s my wish/motivation for us all for 2022 I read this quote somewhere last year, and it really lit a spark under my (sometimes a bit lazy ) booty! We can do/learn SO MUCH, if we:  Prioritize taking care of ourselves  Focus on the right (for us!) things… Read More GO GET IT

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Appreciation Reboot

APPRECIATION – what is one thing you appreciate more today than you did before this year? For me there are a few. Health, of course. For ourselves and loved ones. And for the world (not just the people) Getting to spend time with our families 💕 But also luxuries (like shelter, electricity, running/potable water!) that… Read More Appreciation Reboot

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Only 365 Days

MY HAIR IS LONGER – that’s one change that is visible.. But what about the changes on the INSIDE? How have the past 12 months changed you? What have you learned, done, created, decided? Did you read any books that you liked? Did you take/teach any courses? Which ones? Are there any things you’ve changed… Read More Only 365 Days

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Once a Dancer

ONCE A DANCER.. What happens if you don’t dance ‘for real’ for almost two years? Do you still feel like a dancer? Can you still call yourself that? The urge to create dances.. will it ever come back? For me it was unclear. The past 18 months have been a struggle at times. To cope… Read More Once a Dancer