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FREE DVD for you

Happy Thursday! Hope you are ready for a surprise 🙂

As a THANK YOU to you for being here..

and also because:

  • I feel SUPER lucky to still be able do what I love online (aka teach and move/geek out/be silly) after 20 years (oh my gosh haha, time flies) with you all
  • I LOVE that I get to share this art, and virtually catch up with you, even (or actually, especially!) today, no matter where (or when!) you read this email
  • being 44 feels SO MUCH more fun than I expected, thanks to all the movement, dance, joy, and the wonderful peeps I get to share my life with (be it virtual or 3D)
  • and this includes YOU!
  • last but not least, I want to share a new online platform with you all, one that will help me give you an EVEN BETTER online experience.

Soo.. here is my FREE online ‘Balletic Moves for Bellydance’ DVD!

Get my FULL ‘Balletic Moves’ for BellyDance DVD on the new online platform for free HERE

What is this DVD about? It’s about 2 hours of dance and movement material, with exercises inspired by classical ballet for improving your arms, lines, leg work and posture for belly dance, including a 6-minute bonus mobility routine for ankles, feet and hips and a 9-minute mini-workout to naturally improve your turnout.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Whoop whoop!


Have a beautiful day,

Much much love to you!

xx Kim/Khalida

Yees – Get me that FREE Khalida DVD!

PS: To those of you who have written me earlier this year (thank you!!) about transferring your online DVDs/classes one-to-one to the new platform.. I am unfortunately not technically able to do that.

Thank you for your patience while I was trying to figure this out!

Your classes will stay available on Gumroad for you.

HOWEVER, I what I CAN do for you today, is offer you all a special Super Earliest Bird Discount (the same as my current BOOSTies are getting) to join my online Dancer’s BOOST Membership in 2024.

The Dancer’s BOOST Membership includes access to the new/future BOOST Live Classes, our BOOSTie FB Group, Zoom and FB Live Chats/Q&A/Feedback Sessions, a collection of my online DVDs, AND our BOOSTie Class Archives (2023 is up already, 2022 will be added next year)

The Membership Discount is valid for everyone who signs up until November 1st (payments are not needed until January 2024)

This is the direct linky to lock in the Early Bird Membership Discount:

And the best thing is.. as a Member you will be able to find all future K-classes in ONE spot. Finally!! Haha.

We already have 15 Early Bird Dancer’s BOOST Membership Enrollees for 2024 (thank youu!!) Soooo exciting!! <3 <3 <3

If you are curious about this new adventure.. be sure to lock in your Early Bird K-Membership Discount before November 1st HERE. <3

Much much love to you all,

xx K.

PS: Dear Fan Veil BOOSTies, I will virtually see you this MONDAY.

Have yourself a fan-cats-tic day!

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