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Welcome (Back)

Hello there, Welcome (willkommen) to JOYOFMOVEMENTBLOG 🌱 As I saw there are some new followers on my blog instagram page recently (hi! thank you!!) I figured it might be a good moment for a little re-introduction. So what/who is K’ Joy of Movement Blog? A very good question. The Blog started as an experiment for… Read More Welcome (Back)

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Turkish Get Up

An ode to the Turkish Get Up. This post is inspired by today’s online ‘Fit für den Tanz’ Workshop (my very first Instagram Live teaching adventure!) for Delanna’s amazing WOW21 Project. (in support of Dance4Children!) When executed with good form, it’s a wonderful home-physio exercise, combining coordination, strength, fluidity and balance. I first learned about… Read More Turkish Get Up

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Physicalizing Art

While I feel digital art really is it’s own kind of magic.. And even though I agree that things are just.. ‘things’.. I still love the idea of ‘physicalizing’ art. Next to that, whenever a reason to do something feels ‘true’ to me, it can move me to action with the action itself being it’s… Read More Physicalizing Art

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Head in the Clouds

Head in the clouds.. I’ve always been a dreamer. Dressing up. Drawing. Crafting. Reading books, learning about things, just for fun. Getting swept away in stories and adventures. Daydreaming my way through school. Pondering my place. How to make things different. Kinder. I still love looking up at the clouds, observing the changing shapes and… Read More Head in the Clouds

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Blausteinsee Views

Yesterdays evening walk at Blausteinsee. Gorgeous clouds, movement, an epic sunset and good company. Good things. All free. Enjoy! And you? What are your favorite free things to do, know, see, be?

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Interview with Stacey Nemour

An Interview with Stacey Nemour – my favorite online flexibility coach & martial artist! Stacey is an incredibly kind and experienced instructor, and she generously agreed to donate a 15-minute beginner stretching video to our Dance4Children online channel. Below you’ll find her journey into flexibility work, common misconceptions about flexibility training, as well as details… Read More Interview with Stacey Nemour