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Blausteinsee Views

Yesterdays evening walk at Blausteinsee. Gorgeous clouds, movement, an epic sunset and good company. Good things. All free. Enjoy! And you? What are your favorite free things to do, know, see, be?

Flexibility, Movement

Interview with Stacey Nemour

An Interview with Stacey Nemour – my favorite online flexibility coach & martial artist! Stacey is an incredibly kind and experienced instructor, and she generously agreed to donate a 15-minute beginner stretching video to our Dance4Children online channel. Below you’ll find her journey into flexibility work, common misconceptions about flexibility training, as well as details… Read More Interview with Stacey Nemour

Inspiration, Movement

On Taking Flight

A few recent thoughts.. On Taking Flight The best way to learn is to let go of what you think you already know.. Do you agree? On Finding the Light I firmly believe in listening to what makes our hearts sing. Allowing ourselves to follow what feels true. Even (or especially!) when we’re still learning… Read More On Taking Flight

Movement, Nature

Fall Beauty

I love the colours, scents, sounds and quieter moods of fall. They invite me to turn inward, to rest.. reflect. To take in the ever changing views. Letting thoughts and feelings come and go, go with the flow. A reminder that everything is in motion. And all things are moving unseen. What is your favorite… Read More Fall Beauty