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Book Tip: Inside Ballet Technique – Valerie Grieg

This book is a pocket-sized, jam-packed with information treasure, diving into the biomechanics of dance and movement. Based on ballet, written by a gorgeous dancer, useful for practitioners and instructors of all types of dance. Inside Ballet Technique by Valerie Grieg. Other Dance/Movement Books I love: Anatomy of Breathing Anatomy Trains Classical Ballet Technique Note:… Read More Book Tip: Inside Ballet Technique – Valerie Grieg

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Seas of Time

SEAS OF TIME – This one is a mix of all my thoughts and ponderings of June. What do YOU ‘Sea’ in this image? Let me know below! Usually, when I make ‘a thing’ (a blog post, a post, a dance, a class, or – like here – a digital collage), I don’t have a… Read More Seas of Time

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Tools for Creation

TOOLS – What are the instruments you can use (or COULD use) for creating? for teaching? for finding inspiration? and for expressing? Here is a list of mine: (Feel free to save this post for reference, & let me know if you have questions about these!) FOR CREATING ✅ Pen & Paper (thoughts into ideas)… Read More Tools for Creation

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The Warrior

THE UNIVERSE IS ON YOUR SIDE – My very first digital Collage. How/Why did I make this? First of all.. I wasn’t expecting/aiming to create something ‘shareable’ at all. This was just me trying out what I had learnt, starting with a picture that I wanted to post, digital doodling, because on Wednesday I finally… Read More The Warrior