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Meditation Magick

MEDITATION – an easy (and totally free!) way to restore, refocus, and recover. I’m always surprised at how well it works. It fills the energy tanks, clears bumping-around thoughts and releases body tension. So.. What happens when You meditate? During the session? Can you describe it? If you want, please share below! For me it… Read More Meditation Magick

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Listening In

LISTENING IN – so much can be learned from this. If we let it happen. Life is full of opportunities to tune in. If you really took the time right now to follow your intuition.. To check in with your deepest Self. What would you discover? PS: For those who do want to learn more… Read More Listening In

Movement, Nature

Shall we Dance?

SHALL WE DANCE – To flow with life. To move with what is. No judgements. No thoughts. No wishes. Just being. We doubt. We grow. We learn. Letting go. Let’s see where this one takes us. What are you learning today? PS: To learn more about trees and how they live, this is a good… Read More Shall we Dance?

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APPRECIATION – Sometimes we need a jolt. A shock. A loss. A sadness. When something (or someone) is no longer there, we’ll suddenly realize what is important. We’ll know, right away, deep in our hearts, what it is that really counts. Loss teaches us. To appreciate our luck, our privilege, to be here at all.… Read More Appreciation

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A Reset

I love the feeling of starting a new month. A clean slate. A clear space. A fresh start. We can take this feeling of beginning, of opportunity, of possibility, of new energy, and tap into it whenever we want. Every Week. Every day. Every moment. Again and again. For now, I will start with this… Read More A Reset

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ENERGY I strongly believe we can change the world by taking care of the way we treat ourselves. Being aware of our thoughts, our energy, the things we‘re sending into our own hearts.. it flows out into our environment. We all have people in our lives (I hope) that make us feel like there is… Read More Energy

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Slowing Down

SLOWING DOWN Hmm.. while those of you who know me, know, that I LOVE taking lightning fast action and high energy things.. I am also a very big fan of taking it.. slow. Especially in dance. In nature. In life. We will see different landscapes when we change our pace. Our perception sharpens, it opens… Read More Slowing Down

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Moving the Mind

MIND MOVEMENTS Change your thoughts, change your life.. Right? This rings very true to me. The good thing is.. it means we (potentially!) have much more agency over our thoughts than we (are often led to) believe.  Seems important. So how can we keep developing, strengthening, softening, refining, widening, centering our minds? A few of the… Read More Moving the Mind