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September Signs

And suddenly it’s fall. September has always been one of my favorite months. With cooler nights, slightly shorter days, but still quite a bit of light. It feels quieter. A bit more internal. Something I’m feeling ready for after a few bustling summer months. It’s the moment right before the leaves start turning, at least… Read More September Signs

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How to Keep Moving

As I know for many of you this has been quite a jam-packed month, and movement/self care is often the first thing to go(ha!) Here are a few quick tips to keep yourself in healthy motion, especially in busy times: make it easy! only start dress the part follow your intuition prep your space try… Read More How to Keep Moving

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Eschweiler Wald in August

August Eschweiler Wald. I love how the woods are different every time we walk there. Still familiar, but ever changing. The trees, the grass, the light, the leaves, the lily pond. Always renewing. Life stays in motion. Same, but different. Just like us. Enjoy! Where was your latest walk? Share below!

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Turnout Tutorial

When in doubt.. turn out! Hip rotation is one of the things I have struggled with for the longest time, yet it is essential for so many movements, from dance to martial arts. Thankfully, it can be dramatically improved and freed up using movement. I’ve put together a little 9-minute home practice routine that you… Read More Turnout Tutorial

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Tips for Silk Veil

Hello dear all, In today’s blog post I would like to share a few (or well, many!) of my favorite tips for dancing with a silk veil. Proper Care and Storage 1. Iron. Your. Veil I think this is the most important (really!) piece of advice on dancing with silk I have ever received (it… Read More Tips for Silk Veil

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Staff Stuffs

I’ve always loved kung fu movies. love the skills, the speed, the fluid movements of weapon arts. One of the things I’ve always wanted to learn is shaolin staff or bo staff. See this video starting at 3:00 in this awesome action scene from Stephen Chow’s ‘kung fu hustle’: So.. in this age of online… Read More Staff Stuffs