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Soheir Zaki Appreciation

Ah.. SOHEIR ZAKI – The sweetness of Belly Dance.. Who is Soheir Zaki? Soheir Zaki (Arabic: سهير زكي is an Egyptian belly dancer and actress. She appeared in over 100 Egyptian films from the 1960s to the 1980s. SOHEIR ZAKI was born in Mansoura, Egypt on January 4, 1945. When she was nine, her parents moved the family to Alexandria.… Read More Soheir Zaki Appreciation

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FREE DVD for you

Happy Thursday! Hope you are ready for a surprise 🙂 As a THANK YOU to you for being here.. and also because: I feel SUPER lucky to still be able do what I love online (aka teach and move/geek out/be silly) after 20 years (oh my gosh haha, time flies) with you all I LOVE… Read More FREE DVD for you

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Less is More

LESS IS MORE – Two veil wraps and piano music.. that’s it. That’s the full dance. Inspired by this year’s VEIL BOOST Online Program Sometimes.. less is more, right? When dancing, especially with props, it can be super tempting to want to do EVERYTHING, all at once, in one choreography. What this usually does is make… Read More Less is More

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What Moves Beneath

ARE YOU EVEN DANCING? ❤️ ONE question to ask yourself – it will change everything when you’re dancing with veil (or any prop for that matter!) Why? Because how YOU move is what makes all the difference. Having a dance with props (or without!) look fluid and smooth is not about the ‘moves’ you can… Read More What Moves Beneath

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FRESH INPUT – It can do so much for us. For the better. I recently got myself a new pair of pointe shoes for ballet. It’s a different brand than I am used to (Merlet, used to be Grishko) with a totally different feel. And I notice 2 things: 1 . Different sensations, even very… Read More Recalibrating

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Ok, I want to dive a bit deeper into this topic with you..  On CONNECTION. (BOOSTies! We’ll play with this a bit more THIS Friday) INTROS – What’s the MOST important? CONNECTION. To yourself, your music, your audience. In that order. Even (especially!) when you’re facing AWAY from the audience. How do you do it? You… Read More Connection

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On Creativity & Intros

ON CREATIVITY Here’s the thing: There’s often SO MUCH you can do to set the tone of your intro/dance/performance that it can be hard to know where to start sometimes. Having TOO MANY options can get intimidating/overwhelming. Right? This is why I love keeping things SIMPLE. Never mind the movements. Trust that the ideas will… Read More On Creativity & Intros

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Once a Dancer

ONCE A DANCER.. What happens if you don’t dance ‘for real’ for almost two years? Do you still feel like a dancer? Can you still call yourself that? The urge to create dances.. will it ever come back? For me it was unclear. The past 18 months have been a struggle at times. To cope… Read More Once a Dancer