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What Moves Beneath


ONE question to ask yourself – it will change everything when you’re dancing with veil (or any prop for that matter!)

Why? Because how YOU move is what makes all the difference.

Having a dance with props (or without!) look fluid and smooth is not about the ‘moves’ you can do, it’s about HOW you move your body underneath.

Smoothness, fluidity, power, grace.. it can all be learnt. It can all be practiced. It’s in the simple things.

Where you place your feet, how you shift your weigth.. how deep you breathe, how well you sense your body’s movements..

Even how you feel emotionally and what goes through you mind..

It all makes a difference ❤️

And you can work with everything

Things to ask yourself when practicing (or performing) a dance (with props and without!)

Are you breathing?

Can you feel the weight of your feet on the floor?

Can you sense the contact of your skin with the air, your costume, your props?

Is your head moving along with you?

What about your eyes?

Can you notice how/where/why your music makes you want to move, or be still, in each moment?

Are you extending and using all your energy?

Are you giving your movements the time and space they deserve?

Are you taking care of YOU?

Are you ENJOYING the practice?

We’ll work on all of this (and yes, also on turns! 😅) in next year’s online BOOST classes – BOOST 2023 – props edition ❤️🌹✨

Can’t wait!

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PS: Tap here for more veil dance tips!


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