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Creating Beauty with Words

So.. through a coincidence (my nephew-in-law studies film & media) I got access to Midjourney.

What is this? It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence)-powered Digital Art generator.

In other words.. you can write a few words to a server, and through the wonders of technology.. they are translated into a piece of incredible digital beauty.

In 60 seconds or so.

What my ‘favourites’ phone album looks like right now. The result of about 15 minutes of Midjourney ‘Fröbling’.

Fascinating, huh? And a tiny bit unnerving. Machine-generated beauty.

It is amazing (at least to me!) how beautiful the art works can feel that come out of this.

The technology is still quite new (and controversial! it has been used to win art competitions, causing quite a stir)

A bit like a dream/fantasy image generator. Kind of like digital art-from-visualization. I love it.

I tried it out for myself for the first time yesterday, and these were the some of the results.


Prompts I used: Giant beech tree, autumn evening sunlight shining though leaves, fly agaric mushroom & fox

So.. the fox didn’t appear in most images, and the ‘beech tree’ and ‘fly agaric’ were somehow mashed up together into one thing, but I still love how these came out
Especially the light, the colours and the leaves.

Prompts I used: Majestic Red Sea Dragon, Clouds, Hyper-realist

Very interesting how the results had very different ‘painting styles’ (there is also an option to type the name of specific artists in the prompt if you are looking for a certain ‘feel’)
I love the sense of chaotic movement here.

Interesting, huh?

How do you feel about this? Would you use it, too? If yes, how? If no, why not?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

PS: For a very interesting read on AI art by Brendan Myers, tap here (thank you dear Ingunn for sharing!)

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