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On Creativity & Intros


Here’s the thing:

There’s often SO MUCH you can do to set the tone of your intro/dance/performance that it can be hard to know where to start sometimes.

Having TOO MANY options can get intimidating/overwhelming.


This is why I love keeping things SIMPLE.

Never mind the movements.

Trust that the ideas will come.


Try ONE thing (movement/pose/wrap/line/concept) and play with that one thing for a while.

You don’t HAVE to use it in your dance. You can use it just to start creating.

Let it guide/inspire you to experiment a bit, and see what happens 👀

(limitations make it A LOT easier to get creative!)

Then take it a step further:

How you would modify this ONE concept/move/pose/intro if you were in different moods? Or for different music?

Just by using your EYES, ENERGY & BREATH differently, everything changes.

Starting from mood/emotion/body language FIRST will automagically bring out different ways of moving within your concept/idea

And then, different ideas WILL start to pop up.

Just like that.

Try using MOODS to match your music and vision instead of thinking of ‘which moves comes first’

This works really well for improvisation as well as dance creation.

If you LOVE this kind of stuff – My BOOST Program may be for you!



Try these 3 simple BOOST Bonus veil wrap variations on my Instagram, let me know which one(s) you like best below, and feel free to remix the REEL/change the moves/dance with me/come up with some variations of your own if you feel inspired!

Also, if you like, let me know if this ‘creativity limitation’ is helpful to you, too.


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