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Ok, I want to dive a bit deeper into this topic with you..  On CONNECTION.

(BOOSTies! We’ll play with this a bit more THIS Friday)

INTROS – What’s the MOST important?


To yourself, your music, your audience.

In that order.

Even (especially!) when you’re facing AWAY from the audience.

How do you do it?


In every sense of the word.

LISTEN to your body (give it rest when it needs it, feed it well, give it a safe environment as well as fun-to-you challenges, and MOVE it! often and in varied ways)

LISTEN to your music (as often as you can, as deeply as you can. Notice the patterns, the moods, the instruments, the beats, the melody, the accents, the details, the tempo, the emotions, the pauses..)

LISTEN to your audience. Literally and figuratively.

CONNECT (and re-connect)  using your awareness.

Even when you ‘dance away’.

Especially when you ‘dance away’.

Sharpen your SENSES.

Dance for you, and for them.

With yourself, and together.

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