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To Prop or not to Prop

DANCING WITH PROPS – There are many ways to do it.. be it improvised or choreographed.

This dance (with the romantic double veils) was created in the way I make most of my props-dances:



I had been working on a choreography inspired by this song (Omry Kelou by Wael Kfoury) and I had even performed it on stage (improvised) a few times.. but it felt like something was missing.

So.. the Dance went on a break.

Until I, while getting ready for another stage performance, was asked to add another dance to the show fill in for someone else.

It was going to be a choreo-version of this dance, prop-less, originally.

I was practicing at home, when a postal package arrived. It was the set of (hand painted!) veils you see in this video.

I had ordered only one, to match the costume, but the artist had made 2 versions so I could choose (if you look really closely, one is a tiny bit more bright in coloring)

I loved them both.

So, I wrote to her, and asked if I could purchase the veils as a set instead.

Once that was arranged, I wanted to continue my dance… but the veils were too beautiful to ignore.

I decided to take them for a spin, dance my dance with them.. and voilá. Suddenly the Dance was complete.

It had to be double veil all along.

Photo: Willy – Double the veils – double the fun! Join my FREE(!) Double Veil Romance Workshop!

Parts of this dance are still improvised (and probably always will be), but the atmosphere, the ‘where I‘ll be‘, the moods and the crescendos/pauses/turns were more or less created and decided already.

With the veils, it all came alive.

It’s been one of my favorite dances since.

I now ‘test drive’ all my props dances without the props, I feel it enriches them, and it helps to keep the element of DANCE.

The Body/Soul comes first. Then props will become an extension of the visual Energy.

And you?

Have you tried this method before for dances with props? Let me know!

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