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Less is More

LESS IS MORE – Two veil wraps and piano music.. that’s it. That’s the full dance.

Inspired by this year’s VEIL BOOST Online Program

Sometimes.. less is more, right?

When dancing, especially with props, it can be super tempting to want to do EVERYTHING, all at once, in one choreography.

What this usually does is make your dance feel cluttered, non-flowy, chaotic, or, even worse:

..Like something is missing

Why does this happen?

Because something IS missing.


These all need space, time, and attention. And it is much easier to find those when we do less.


The less we do, the more we sense, and the more we feel, the more our movements will to flow.

Naturally. Effortlessly.

In dance and in life.


Ok, that was a looong text.

Thank you for reading if you are still here.

I have a mini challenge for you:

  • Choose ONE movement (or wrap, or pose)
  • Make an 8 second mini combo that uses only variation(s) of that move
  • Pay attention to your body between these variations
    – See what happens

And – if you like – let me know how it went

That’s it!!

Let me know if you will try it 👇👇👇

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