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Do you skip?

Today‘s post is an ode to rope skipping.

One of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest(!) ways to practise stamina, coordination and strength at the same time.

I used to love rope skipping as a kid, I had some mean moves (cross arms, double skips) for solo as well as for the 2-rope group skippin’ kind, but for some reason I forgot all about it.

Until, very recently, I re-discovered skipping after reading it was one of Bruce Lee‘s favourite ways to improve his physical abilities for martial arts.

It‘s incredibly effective for improving footwork in martial arts, and, as a bonus, it has helped my jumping power in ballet considerably. (hello pas de chat!)

How to do it?

There are many ways you can use the ropes for training, I would recommend starting easy and gradually adding more jumps, more rounds, more speed and/or more variations as you progress.

And progress, you will!

My current routine is set up as a kind of HIIT training, meaning I jump continuously (or at least I try to – it’s great coordination training!) until I am a bit winded (which used to be after 20, then 50, now about 100 jumps), then I rest actively (I walk, breathe, move my arms, or gently stretch my legs/ankles) until I am able to speak normally again, and I continue with the next set.

Todays practise:

  • 100 ‘regular’ jumps
  • 100 speed jumps
  • 100 one legged jumps (switching legs after each set of 10)

So, how about you?

Do you also love skipping/jumping ropes? Did you use to as a kid? What are/were your favourite moves?

What does it do for you?

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