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(Re-)Joy of Movement

I will be updating the Joy of Movement Blog a bit (or even a lot!) more frequently the coming months, so if you‘d like to receive automatic updates via email you can subscribe to it (and/or to my other mailing lists) via this page:

The Plan – if I can swing it, I might miss a few posts on traveling days here and there – would be to post more frequent, but shorter updates, sharing bits of inspiration, book tips, and thoughts on movement, training, dance, martial arts and flexibility practise.

To keep it a bit ‘overviewable’, I will attempt to categorise the postings by weekday themes:

  • Martial Arts Mondays
  • Tutu (Dance) Tuesdays
  • Walking (and Nature) Wednesdays
  • Thinking (Inspiration, Journaling, Podcasts, Quotes) Thursdays
  • Flexibility Practise Fridays
  • Silent (Book recommendations) Saturdays
  • Strength Training Sundays

I will also include, over time, answers to questions I receive about dance, movement and martial arts – so if you have any, please feel free to share below or email me at

Hope you’ll dig it!

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