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Taekwondo Forms

Forms (also called ‘poomsae’) are one of my most beloved parts of Taekwondo.

To me, forms very closely connect to dance, and to dance practise, combining body, mind and soul in one movement focus.

At the moment we are learning Taeguk Pal-jang (8th form), which corresponds to the Kup (red-black) belt.

For inspiration, here are my favourite videos of Taeguk 1-8 performed by team KIPOOM:

About TaeKwonDo forms

Comparable to Kata in Karate, forms are specifically designed as a learning and practise tool, as well as used for demos, competitions and (part of) grade testing.

In WT Taekwondo, each Geup/Kup (coloured belt) and each Dan (black belt) grade has a corresponding form, wherein specific techniques and stances/transitions are combined.

Does your movement art also incorporate (a form of) forms for technique practise?

If yes, do you love it? If so, why?

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