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Doing it All

DANCE & MARTIAL ARTS – Can it go together?

I think so.

I feel that both arts complement each other really well.

For movement, for fitness, for training, for spirit, for inspiration, for life.

And I will write about this in more detail soon.


I do notice though, especially at times when I am more intensely focusing on one thing – like right now, Mr E and I are preparing for our 2nd degree black belt test in Taekwondo, which is taking place NEXT weekend (18th of September 2021!) – there is really not much time/headspace to work at/practise/focus on/dream about the other.


I’d like to have it all.. at the same time.

Focus, practice, progress, productivity..

For All Things. All the Time (This is mostly Pride & Ego talking, right?)

AND also have time left for rest, to live, to enjoy.. the Essentials.

Growth is not a linear process.

Even (or especially) with full on focus and dedicated practice, you’ll still meet your limitations, hit plateaus, come across setbacks, fears, self-doubts.. only faster.

And in creeps perfectionism.

(Plus, coming along for the ride.. his buddy frustration.)

Ahh.. the joys of growth, and working towards a deadline.

It’s great (because it WORKS!) but can also be a bit uncomfortable.

I do recognize this feeling from working towards big events, shows and competitions for dance..

But I also notice it’s been a while since I ‘met myself’ this way.

Do you recognize any of this?

Let me know below!

(and if you have any tips for de-compression for our final prep week, please feel free to share those, too)

Werkin’ them Angles

PS: This picture was a home work assignment (getting creative with angles, light & perspective) taken with my phone for Delanna’s online #kickyourinsta course

Makes me look super tall & mighty – just the way I’d love to feel right now.


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