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First Dan Grade Test for Haidong Gumdo

Soo. We made it.

Last weekend Mr E and I passed our 1st Dan (black belt) grade test for Haidong Gumdo, Korean Sword Art.

It was a super interesting (and joyous!) experience.

It feels unbelievable that we’ve made it to here.

And yet, there we are.

Sword stance demo time!

It’s quite surreal to realize how much can be achieved, simply by applying focus, showing up, and not giving up.

That’s the secret. Right?

We keep on learning every day. We keep on changing every day. WHAT we learn/change into, that’s on us.

For the curious ones: WHAT did we have to do for the test?

  • Double-Handed Sword Forms – 8 of them
  • Sword Sheathing/Unsheathing – also 8 Forms
  • One-Step Sparring – also 8 Forms
  • Practical Application – Cutting paper (horizontal cuts for points)

We also did Attack-Defense forms, but those were not mandatory for the test.

A few things I’ve learned from this day:

  • Every Minute of Training counts
  • Mind and Body always work together
  • What you Focus on will grow

I’m deeply thankful that Mr E and I can ‘do this’ together, and we feel super lucky to get to study with such an amazing teacher, Grandmaster Chae.

Receiving our 1st Dan grade certificates (and doboks/belts) after class.

Looking forward already to the next training!


On our way to the Dojang!

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