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Time for a moment of appreciation.

Because I’ve been attending ballet group dance rehearsals (which take place on Mondays and Thursdays) for Constanze’s upcoming recitals, I have not been able to go to Taekwondo for the past (and upcoming!) few weeks.

And. I really miss it!

I miss the classes, the teacher, the people.

I noticed it even more during last weekend’s bonus training at Master Chae’s Mudojang.

Wanting to attend rehearsals/classes with two of my favourite instructors, but having to – at least for now – decide between them (and between their movement arts/groups), is making me appreciate both even more.

A luxury problem.

If you had to choose between 2 things (or people!) that you love – or skills you posses – would it make you value them more?

A great mental exercise if you need a motivational boost, or a shift in perspective.

Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate.

And then go take that class/contact that person/do that thing 🙂

PS: If you‘d like to meet my favourite teachers, get inspired by them and study with them (and me!) at the locations above, check out the MoveSpiration 4-day Crosstraining weekend for dancers (all levels welcome) 23-24-25-26th July 2020 – Only 5 spots are left!







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