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Do it Badly

It’s a scary thought, right?

To do something.. not very well. What ever that may mean.

But it‘s the only way to learn.

Do it.

Badly, if you must.

Check what you did.



How did we learn how to walk?

Through action.

Falling down. Fumbling. Getting up. Trying again.

All it takes is a bit of courage.

Whatever you want to learn, go do it.

Awareness grows with every try.

What will you try today?

Note: Sometimes it’s the labels we have given ourselves that hold us back. Our own self-definitions. Not the world.

I’m not flexible’

‘I’m too old to even start’

‘I cannot‘

I‘m not.. I‘m too.. I cannot. Yet.

These are words. Ideas. Not Truth.

Truth is always in motion. All that is now is changing every moment. So who are we to try and define ourselves? (or others?)

I‘ve noticed this with many things.

Cases in point(e)s.. I‘m learning to sew. I‘m standing on pointes.


Until it’s done.

2 thoughts on “Do it Badly

  1. I commend all those who try and try hard to believe what their mind sets out to do. You can, you will and you did!! Way to go. Find what motivates you …perhaps you’ll find you motivate yourself!
    To be en pointe is freedom a goal accomplished.

    Is this my passion. Ballet…..pointe to dance. It’s my blood…..the air that I breathe deeply! One word, Ballet.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing!

      And yes, learning new skills, or expanding on existing ones feels like total freedom – of body and mind.

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