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Flexibility Props – Straps and Stretching

Meet my new best friends ❤


As some of you might know, I’ve been working more intensively on my flexibility the past few weeks in preparation of our Ballet recital in February, as well as for Martial Arts (Taekwondo) classes.


Me in ballet mode 🙂


I’ve been practising with an online flexibility program (<- click the text to check out the course – I highly recommend it!) and I’m loving these looped stretching straps personally designed by the instructor Stacey Nemour



The straps are quite long, and they have several loops on each side. They really do help deepen/intensify the stretches while freeing up my arms, so I can relax more into it.


I like using a set of 2 straps to double up on the intensity of the stretches without shortening the distance.


If you’d like to try them out, feel free to click the button below, and be sure to use code ‘Khalidadance’ on checkout for 10% off all straps orders!



Inspiration: I‘ve been working on and off with Stacey Nemour’s stretching videos and her online flexibility program for dancers for the past year, and her methods (i.e. gentle stretches that are done in a specific order for maximum efficiency and effectivity) have been helping me progress deeply yet safely, even at times where I haven‘t been working with the program as consistently as I would like to 🙂


Stacey’s splits. Pretty awesome, right?


If you’d like to try Stacey’s stretching program (it says for dancers but it’s great for martial artists, too), click on the button below, and be sure to use coupon code ‘kflex50’ for 50,-$ off the full course price!



PS: you can find answers to a few questions I’ve received about the stretching course here.


About Stacey Nemour

Stacey is a martial artist and flexibility coach with many years of experience.

Check out her official website here: www.staceynemour.com


Interview with Stacey including free flexibility tips:



Happy stretching!

xx K.



PS: I will be sharing my future findings and progress with the program on here as well, as one of my goals for 2018 is finally getting down into the splits on all sides. 💪🏻✨🙏🏻👍🏻


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