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Flexibility Props – Straps and Stretching

As some of you might know, I’ve been working more intensively on my flexibility the past few weeks, in preparation of our upcoming Ballet recital as well as for Martial Arts.

I’ve been practising with an online flexibility program by Stacey Nemour, and I’m loving these looped stretching straps she designed for the course.

They are quite long, stretchy but sturdy, and they have several loops on each side.

The straps help me deepen/intensify the stretches while freeing up my arms, so I can relax more into them.

I’ve been working my way up to using a set of 2 straps, so I can double up on the intensity without shortening the straps.

If you’d like to try these out, check out Stacey’s store using the button below.

Discount code ‘khalidadance’ on checkout will give you an additional 10% off all orders!

Inspiration: Stacey’s splits. Pretty awesome, right?

About Stacey Nemour

Stacey is a martial artist and flexibility coach with many years of experience.

Happy stretching!

xx K.


PS: If you’d like to try Stacey’s online stretching programs (she has separate courses available, as well as course packages for different levels/goals amd digitized flexibility DVDs) then check out her course page via the button below.

Coupon code ‘khalidadance‘ will give you 10% off all stretching courses and packages, as well as on the straps!

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