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Anatomy of Breathing

In keeping with this week‘s theme of breath: Check out Anatomy of Breathing by Blandine Calais-Germain. A wonderfully detailed and illustrated work on the body mechanics of breathing. Goodreads Link Note: I haven‘t read it‘s follow-up book yet, but it looks equally intriguing: Anatomy of Movement Exercises Tell me your thoughts if you happen to know it!

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Going all the way back to how I came to start writing this daily blog. The inspiration was.. movement. And inspiration itself. When I started taking Martial Arts classes a few years ago, the movement discoveries there inspired me to go deeper in ballet, which in turn motivated me to renew my bellydance practise, as… Read More Inspiration

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Enjoying the Moment

I’ve been thinking about dance – and my relation with it – a lot in the past few weeks. And my conclusion at the moment is that I am happiest when I’m actually doing it – when I am moving, practising and performing – rather than contemplating what dancing really means to me. That being… Read More Enjoying the Moment

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The Journey Begins

As they say in Taekwondo: Achieving your first grade black belt means you are finally ready to start your ‘real’ training. You have survived the basics. Now the actual work begins. I love that. Let’s do dis.  

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Layers of Strength

Working towards specific goals (like surviving our Taekwondo black belt test!) is teaching me that everything builds in layers. Growth – Gaining strength, refining motor skills, deepening understanding, increasing ranges of motion, learning a new language, gaining maturity.. it all works iteratively. We learn in layers. Bit by bit. Rock upon rock. There can be leaps,… Read More Layers of Strength

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Capturing Motion

Last summer I have invested in tools to help me up my instructional video game – or in other words transitioning from camcorder recordings to mobile video. It was a bit of an adventure, but very much worth the effort and time spent researching, testing and investigating. The result has been inspiration and motivation for… Read More Capturing Motion