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Mind and Matter

Boards don’t hit back.. or do they? It’s so interesting how much more difficult it suddenly seems to kick a board with relaxed attitude (and the required precision) once you anticipate it might possibly hurt when it doesn’t quite work out.. The mind is a powerful thing. It needs the practise as much as the… Read More Mind and Matter

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The Loaded Carry

No Kettlebell training for me this weekend, but instead I practised different variations of the Loaded Carry while on my teaching trip to Denmark. What is it? A simple, yet powerful strengthening (and posture/alignment) exercise: You carry a Thing. Or several things. Preferably on the heavy side. Like, for instance, a set of dance bags filled… Read More The Loaded Carry

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Dancing ‘Live’

This post is inspired by a wonderful live music dance performance experience this weekend. I was lucky enough to get the chance to perform with Rakiya’s Arabic orchestra at Noemie Danse‘s Oriental Roots festival in Belgium – along with a few amazing fellow dancers. It was an enriching and exhilarating experience. Below are a few… Read More Dancing ‘Live’

Martial Arts, Movement

Go with the Flow

The adventures of the past few days made me think of how much freedom we gain once we let go of expected outcomes. Surprises can jolt us into consciousness, if we let them. For me it was – at least today – a new-to-me student in Haidong Gumdo and Taekwondo class today. Incredibly talented –… Read More Go with the Flow