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Jallabina Workout

As some of you may know, I have been supporting the Dance4Children charity team during the past few years.   I absolutely love the work they do, and for 10(!) years already they have been organizing various charity projects for dancers and movers. All proceeds of these projects are donated in full to incredibly important causes… Read More Jallabina Workout

Dance, Movement

Free Ankle & Hip Conditioning Routine

Hello dear all, Below you‘ll find a step-by-step description of the exercises shown in my free(!) downloadable/streaming Ankle & Hip Conditioning Mini-Routine which I send to all my newsletter subscribers. If you haven’t seen the video version yet, you can get it here: Enjoy! Note: For a printable .pdf version of the exercise list… Read More Free Ankle & Hip Conditioning Routine

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February Strength

I’ve started working with Kettlebells again during the past few weeks – as per my December plan – but thus far I haven’t yet re-started my rope skipping routine. If I’m feeling brave, rope skips will be added again next week 🙂 This was today’s session: Kettlebells Simple & Sinister warmup 3 x the following set… Read More February Strength

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Feels like a great day to take a moment to contemplate.. love. Who and what do we love? Why? What (and whom) in this life do we feel grateful for? How can we share this? How can we expand it? What can we do to make this world, and all the beings in it –… Read More Love

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The oldest Rose

With Valentine’s day just around the corner – and it’s own interesting links to Greek (geek!) mythology – let us delve into the world of roses. Rose Facts Did you know: The oldest rose fossils are at least 35 million years old? (found in Colorado) The oldest still living rose (bush) is the ‘thousand-year-rose’ of Hildesheim (‘home… Read More The oldest Rose

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When nothing is taken for granted.. We’ll grow to appreciate. Love. Nature. Life. From our walk in Hürtgenwald. Hang in there. And feel free to reach out if you can use a virtual ear.