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The mystical grey Heron, said to be messenger of the Gods. A symbol of grace, patience, dignity, precision, independence, self-knowlegdge, wisdom, discipline, light, and rebirth. This image (taken this weekend behind our home, during the 2-day fog) reminded me of the saying that our senses are only designed to perceive a fraction of reality. Good… Read More Perception

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Meet Paper Cut

Jong-I Begi, or paper cutting, is one of the main testing (and competition) disciplines of Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art). It may seem simple, but it takes skill, mental discipline and practise to achieve a clean, even and precise cut across the full width of the paper at each attempt. Paper cutting is used to measure… Read More Meet Paper Cut

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The Mighty Kettlebell

This post is an ode to the Kettlebell, the portable iron gym. As posted yesterday, for the past year Pavel Tsatsouline’s excellent ‘Simple & Sinister’ Kettlebell workout book has been my go-to functional strength (and cardio!) workout method, combined with rope skipping. I was inspired to educate myself on Kettlebells after completing Monika Volkmars Dance Stronger program… Read More The Mighty Kettlebell

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If the Shoe fits..

Today’s post is all about pointe shoe sizes. I’ve received a few questions about which pointe shoes I dance with currently. At the moment I use Grishko’s ‘Dreampointes’, size 5 1/2 XXX MF for class. For the very curious: I wear them in with Grishko gel toe pads model 2, and a smidge of silver spun lambs… Read More If the Shoe fits..

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The Way of the Sword

This weekend Mr E and I were lucky enough to participate in our very first Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art) Geup/Kup (Coloured Belt) test, held in Cologne, Germany. It was an interesting, tiring, yet uplifting, exciting and deeply enriching day. The testing itself was preceded by an in-depth 3-hour seminar by ‘our’ GrandMaster Seung-Eun Chae. We… Read More The Way of the Sword

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Wearable Strength

Do you practise with ankle/wrist weights? If not (yet), I highly recommend it! I occasionally use very light (0,5kg) wrist weights for practising ballet port de bras (arm pathways) as well as for working on fluid arm and wrist movements in bellydance. I use them in the warmup of my streaming/ downloadable bellydance instructional DVD… Read More Wearable Strength