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Drink Water, My Friend

Water, or as Mr. E and I call it, Mountain Juice(tm), is one of the most precious elements on earth.

Without it, life as we know it would not exist.

We need it to live.

Incidentally, being sufficiently hydrated is one of the most simple  (and often overlooked!) way to enhance/support our (mental as well as physical) flexibility.

Flexibility of the mind is at least as important as flexibility of the body. All is connected.

‘Be Water, my Friend’, a simple, but profoundly true quote by the inspirational Bruce Lee illustrates this beautifully.

Check this interview excerpt for a bit more contect for this quote, as well as the complete interview here.

As a bonus, listen to this episode of the Bruce Lee podcast.

And check out an amazing water-fu picture from the Korean film ‘The Shadowless Sword’:



And stay fluid.



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