Gratitude ABCs

On my way to ballet yesterday I was listening to Tim Ferris’ Podcast (which I heartily recommend, do check it out!)

Yesterday’s Episode featured author AJ Jacobs, speaking about ways to be happier through gratitude.

One of the excercises I found very interesting was to say ‘gratitude ABCs’ (ie. thinking up various things to be grateful about, one for each letter of the alphabet) right before going to bed – or rather, right after getting to bed – in order to fall asleep.

I tried it out tonight, after I found myself awake and starting to ruminate at about 5am, and sure enough, I only made it to the letter H.

I slept deeply, and dreamt intensely, for the remaining 3 morning hours.

I found it to be a very mind-friendly way to get some extra Zs (ha!), that – as a nice bonus – makes you wake up just a little bit happier.

Try it out! What are your gratitude ABCs?


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