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If the Shoe fits..

Today’s post is all about pointe shoe sizes.

I’ve received a few questions about which pointe shoes I dance with currently.

At the moment I use Grishko’s ‘Dreampointes’, size 5 1/2 XXX MF for class.

For the very curious: I wear them in with Grishko gel toe pads model 2, and a smidge of silver spun lambs wool (by Bunheads) for a bit of extra comfort during longer classes 🙂

As said before, finding the right-for-you pointe shoe is extremely important for long-term safety and comfort.

I highly recommend speaking with your teacher about which shoe (and sizing) to try, as well as educating yourself on all things pointe.

If you can consult a professional fitter then even better, as it will enable you to try out different brands and models before you go into the sizing of a shoe, it makes an enormous difference.

Also do keep in mind that over time, especially if you are new to pointe work, your feet may actually change in shape (and size!).

It happened to me after about a year of pointe work.

My feet had become slightly more narrow and muscular through practise, but also a touch longer(!) and more arched.

Changing just the sizing did not really work (I tried a more narrow box of the same model first, but it was highly uncomfortable, and still not a very good fit), so I had to change up the model from Grishko Triumphs (see blog header background picture) to Dreampointes, as well as slightly change the sizing (a narrower box and 1/2 size up in length), which is the size/model I still use today.

My very first shoes were a borrowed pair of Russian Pointes by the way, another well-known pointe shoe brand. (Check out a great article on their website on shoe fitting here!)

They were surprisingly comfortable, yet still a touch too wide for me in front.

And you?

If you’re a pointe dancer: What is your current favourite shoe brand/model? Have you had to change brands, or models, or sizing over time?

And, if you happen to know: Does the same apply for other types of dance shoes (ballroom, jazz, tap, etc..) as well?

Happy dancing!

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