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Gainz for Christmas

Happy Holidays – if you’re reading this on the 24-25th!

This will be a shorter post today, a bit more of a training log than strength philosopy 🙂

A report back after last week’s Janda situp experiment:

  • Sunday: 0 reps, 0 negs (but I gave it my all!)
  • Monday: 0 reps (yet almost managed one) followed by a plank record in the evening of 1:45 minutes 🙂
  • Thursday: 1 semi-succesful rep, 1 neg, and managed a 3:10 minute plank.

Progress, yes?

Body-wise I expected to be a bit sore, especially in the rectus abdominis, but all I felt was my top-right obliques and serratus.. which probably makes sense, as my right arm tends to be weaker than the left, so perhaps I am rebalancing.

Next to that, today’s workout consisted of:

  • No janda situps or planks 🙂 giving them a rest for a bit
  • 400 rope skips (with rest breaks between each 100) of which 100 on one leg (need it for ballet!)

Followed by Pavel’s Simple & Sinister Kettlebell workout program, in the shape of:

  • Warmup (3 rounds) with 8 KG
  • 3 x 10 Double handed KB swings with 16 kg
  • 2 x 10 Single handed KB swings (10 left, 10 right) with 16 kg
  • 2 x 10 Double handed KB swings with 20 kg (our new member of the kettebell family!)
  • 2 x TGU with 12 kg (left arm)
  • 3 x TGU with 16 kg (left arm)
  • 2 x TGU with 12 kg (right arm)
  • 3 x TGU with 16 kg (right arm)
  • Cooldown (stretches for low back/legs/hips)

Happy Holidays!

PS: I’ve just discovered – by reading the bonus credits after re-watching the film – that Bruce Lee’s ‘Way of the Dragon (the one feauturing the epic Colloseum fight with Chuck Norris) premiered on December 23rd, 1972 – exactly 36 years ago.

Happy birthday, WOD!

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