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The Invisible Work

With any kind of progressive training, for strength or for other skills, it can be easy to forget that the magic really happens in between the practise sessions.

And that the times where we struggle is where we learn/grow the most.

The body (and mind) adapts after the training, to the stresses that the training session presents. The recovery time is really when the magic happens. Unseen.

That being said, I just tried to do a Janda Situp for the first time in my life, with thanks to Mr E for the assist.

I didn’t manage to complete a single repetition. Not even a ‘negative’ one. Ha. I did feel my abdominals working, though. Working hard, at that!

How’s that for a baseline measurement?

So.. Let’s see how it goes when I try this again after a few days of rest. Let the magic happen, as it were – if it will.

ETA: A full day later: A ‘regular’ Janda situp was still not possible tonight, although I did manage one ‘negative’ one (just the lowering part), and I broke my planking record in Taekwondo class. A coincidence? 🙂

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