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The Sweet Chestnut of Ryedale

Mr. E and I were lucky enough to visit this magnificent ancient chestnut tree  in Ryedale (in Cumbria/the UK’s Lake District) in early fall.

It is estimated to be about 500-600 years old.

Age is but a number.

In the early 1800‘s, when the tree was about 300-400 years old, romantic poet William Wordsworth lived very nearby, at Rydal Mount.

Incidentally, yet most probably unrelatedly, one of his poems was called.. ‘nutting’.

Bonus chestnut geekery:

(courtesy of wikipedia)

  • The sweet chestnut was introduced to Europe from Sardis, in Asia Minor, and was called the ‘Sardian nut’.
  • In ancient Greece the chestnut was seen as ‘acorn of Zeus’.
  • In Japan chestnuts are served as part of the New Year’s menu, representing hard times as well as succes, mastery and strength.
  • In Madeira (Portugal’s archipelago) chestnut liqueur is a beloved traditional beverage.


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