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Believe it or not, I have reduced my number of journals for 2019.. to 5. 🙂

Less(ish) is more. Right?

I do like having different places for recording/finding different kinds of ideas, so I still use a few.

These are the ones currently in rotation:

  • Dancers Day Planner – By Cera Byer. I use the quarter-year sections to write out longer-term projects/goals for the year, and the daily sections for writing affirmations (inspired by the Bruce Lee podcast and The Daily Stoic)
  • Passion Planner – This is my main ‘planner journal’, for noting year goals, writing out monthly plans, weekly schedules, todo lists and daily reminders (in combination with my google calendar)
  • The ‘yellow book’ is where I jot down notes, remarks and feedback/inspiration from classes (ballet and martial arts) and workshops (bellydance) in order to retain the work.
  • The ‘fuschia book’ is my ‘Book of Good Ideas’ 🙂 ie Anything I think of that I would like to ‘make work of’ by transforming it into some kind of action (eg. DVD/Online Class topics, inspiration for this Blog, BD workshop preparations, ways to support Dance4Children, ideas to refine a choreography, etc..).
  • The ‘bird book’ is my ‘regular daily journal’. I use the left page as a combination of the 5-minute structured journal, dream journaling (when I remember anything) and a shorter version of morning pages  (from The Artist’s Way). The right page is for logging movement (ie workouts, nature time, stretches, practise sessions) as well as a ‘nomming log’.

I don’t get around to all of this every day, but it works for me.

And you? Do you keep a journal/log?

If yes: what is your ‘system’?


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