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Dance Goals for 2019

So many possibilities, and some lovely projects already in the works to look forward to. The New Year is wide open.

These are my dance goals for 2019:

For Ballet

  • Dare to finally try a pirouette on pointes, on both sides 🙂
  • Dance (and survive) a full choreo en pointe at this year’s(!) recital.
  • Work on small and large jumps.
  • Get to class 3 times a week (when I’m not traveling)
  • Refine my footwork (I’ve started a home practise routine for this recently – will share it here once I’ve tweaked and experimented with it a bit)
  • Pay extra attention to my port de bras (ie arms and upper body) in class.
  • Keep on working on my flexibility (and extensions!)

For Bellydance

  • Get back into a daily personal practise routine. So far so good 🙂
  • Plan a workshop day (or 2) in Würselen. (I will write here when I know when!)
  • Create at least 2 – maybe 3 – new instructional DVDs/Online Classes on various topics. (Check out the KDanceOnline FB group to find out very soon which ones it will be!)
  • Work on new dances (and practise/redo a few existing ones) for upcoming events.
  • Next to that – improvise whenever I can 🙂
  • Dance at least once to live music.
  • Do good work in support of Dance4Children
  • Related to that: Get the D4C Gumroad Channel party on track!
  • Dream up a new dance/teaching project for 2020.

…Enough to do 🙂

Picture by the fantastic Philippe Rikir for Dance4Childrens charity shoot in 2017 ?

What are your Dance (and life!) goals for the New Year?


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