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(Giving and Taking) Time

An un-renewable resource, the greatest gift one can give, is time.

Time for a breather, for self-care, for caring, for feeling, for expressing, for creating, for connecting with loved ones, for being in nature, or simply.. time.

Recharging yourself with time means you will have more to give to others, as well.

This also counts for learning a skill, as well as teaching it. Slowing down means deeper focus, and deeper focus leads to faster learning. I’ve noticed this in dance as well as martial arts.

Spending time on movement basics gives you more freedom to explore.

In other words.. taking time to breathe, to dance, to move, to learn, to grow, to stumble, to grieve, and to find joy in every moment.. will give you more of it, not less.

In the broader sense: we all know we only get to experience a little bit of time on this planet.

So. Let’s use it wisely. Use it for good. And spend tons of it being present with the ones we love.

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