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Safety First

In the same vein as yesterday’s post on Matter and Mind – today I noticed in ballet class (and during pointes practise!) how much more range (and gentle control) of motion the body allows as soon as it feels ‘safe’.

For instance when a ballet barre is nearby (within grabbing distance, even if it is not actively being used for helping with balance!) I feel:

  • I can lift up to relevé more easily
  • I feel my core working more deeply, in motion as well as while balancing
  • I have more ‘headspace’ for feeling my movements
  • I breathe more naturally
  • And – probably related to all of the above – my port de bras (arms and upper body movements) automagically get more ‘flow’.

Curious, no?

Related to this, this month I have started an experiment:

What if I could practise creating more safety.. from the inside?

It would surely help with practise, for dance as well as martial arts, but certainly also for Flexibility work.

And even for life 🙂

More on this (and a link to the book that has inspired this!) in this week’s further upcoming blog posts.

How about you?

How do you define, or even create, ‘safety’ in your practise?

2 thoughts on “Safety First

  1. It is indeed funny that your body adapts more easily when your mind is ‘comforted’. Practising my kungfu routines in kungfu class is different then in my home studio. Same as bellydancing is in the room I teach in then the room I practise in. Defenitely different when performing, whether it is dance of martial arts. I try to ground myself, literally, touch the floor before going on stage and take deep breaths and thank my tutors for teaching me, thank the artform for existing, thank the hosts for the opportunity and thank the stage to ‘carry’ me and that all will be fine.

    1. Oh, that is lovely – and so interesting to hear how it applies to different aspects of different art forms. Thank you for sharing!

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