Movement, Strength

Layers of Strength

Working towards specific goals (like surviving our Taekwondo black belt test!) is teaching me that everything builds in layers.

Growth – Gaining strength, refining motor skills, deepening understanding, increasing ranges of motion, learning a new language, gaining maturity.. it all works iteratively.

We learn in layers. Bit by bit. Rock upon rock.

There can be leaps, at least externally, but underneath it all lies an accumulation of time, effort and constant revision.

Refinement. Rework.

It reminds me of this gem of a book on mastery.

Another thing I’ve found, is that balance is where the magic happens.

Spending time with loved ones, getting out in nature, and letting the work.. rest.

This is what completes the cycle.


And you? Where do you notice your learning/growth is building on previous efforts, and on the connections/activities that nurture you?

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