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Morning Flexibility

This morning, after a week with a LOT of training (3 hours taekwondo, 2 hours of korean sword art, 4 hours of ballet, 2 hours of pointe class and half an hour of pointe rehearsals, plus 3 hours of martial arts charity workshops last Sunday) and not much time for recovery – I was feeling, wel.. a bit stiff.

Normally I wait until I am feeling fairly loose before actually testing/retesting my flexibility (I know!), but today I wanted to try something different.

Here are the before and afters of this morning, showing the effects of working with one of the newly added beginner level add-on courses to Stacey Nemour’s online flexibility course package for dancers:

I’ve posted about the other courses in the Dance! package here – I will write in more detail about the new add-ons soon.

Note: If you’d like to tryStaceys systemuse codekhalidadancefor 10% off all courses andstraps atflexibilitymakeover.com

PS: I was laughing in the first pic because I couldn’t even reach the floor with my fingers ? and the before bridge is one for very small boats..

Have a great day!

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