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Silk Veil Donations

If you’ve ever danced with a silk veil, you know how precious it feels.

It catches the air, it fills the space with colour and movement, it shows the music. It dances all by itself.

Silky poetry.

However, if you’re like me, veils tend to multiply over the years, and it can be hard to dance with them all at the same time (I’ve tried!)

And you can’t just let veils languish for too long.

An alternative would be.. to donate them to a very good cause 🙂

At the moment Dance4Children is collecting silk dance veils for the girls of Association Caméléon in the Philippines.

They will use them for their art school program choreographies, for creating new dance and circus(!) acts.

If you would like to contribute (Thank you!) please let us know via or – or you can come and find our ‘Donation Dropbox’ live at one of the upcoming events:

Merci! Thank you! Takk! Tak! Danke! Dankjewel!

About Dance4Childrens collaboration with Association Caméléon:


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