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HaiDong GumDo Yellow-Green Belt Test

Last weekend we had our second belt test for HaiDong GumDo (Korean Sword Art) in Bedburg, Germany

It was preceded by an exhilarating and fun HDGD technique and conditioning seminar by Senior Grandmaster Seung-Eun Chae.

A list of the disciplines we were tested on for our 9th to 8th kup (yellow to yellow-green belt) test:

  • Basic Stances and Techniques
  • First Sword Form (Ssang-Soo Gumbub Ilbon)
  • Second Sword Form (Ssang-Soo Gumbub Ibon)
  • Drawing/Sheathing the Sword (Form one and two)
  • One-Step Sparring (Form one and two)
  • Paper Cutting (horizontal cut – at least 10 points)
  • Putting out Candles (one candle) in max 10 tries

What I learned during this day:

  • I really do love Haidong Gumdo, and the opportunities for growth and connection that come with studying it deeply.
  • No matter how nervous I get, I can still take a moment to catch my breath, refocus, and – as best I can – relax my body and mind.
  • Experiences run so much deeper when they can be shared.


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