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Travel Notes

When I travel, I don‘t lug my big journals with me, usually.

If I am teaching dance, I write my workshop notes on separate sheets of paper, so they can be easily transported, shuffled, revisited and rewritten.

For note-taking, planning and journaling I use a travel-sized – preferably lined – mini-notebook, like the one in this picture.

This one on particular is traveling with me to Crete.

I like to have it in my handbag at the ready if I travel by train or fly, because if times have been busy (they have!), that’s when the thoughts, reflections and ideas come pouring out.

Inspiration in motion, sometimes from above the clouds 🙂

Having a mini-notebook with me also gives me the opportunity to journal ‘on the go’, which in turn encourages and reminds me to take in the moments I experience just a bit more deeply.

How about you? Do you take travel notes?


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