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Sword and Ball

Today in HaiDong GumDo (Korean Sword Art) class, we practiced Deon-Jeo Begi (throw cutting)

For students of our (colour grade belt) level, this means throwing a small object (for instance a tennis ball, or light rubber ball) up in the air, drawing your (non-sharp wooden practice-) sword with that same hand(!), and cutting the thrown object with a 2-handed diagonal cut (Sa-Seon Begi) before it hits the ground.

Later on, for black belt levels, this practice can be done with a sharp sword and actual cuttable objects (for instance apples)

Here you’ll see an amazing blindfolded(!) throw cutting demonstration by Headmaster Han, Sang Hyung:

It‘s one of my favourite skills to practice. I find it intricate, engaging, enriching, difficult to master, and at the same time tons of fun to do.

Much like dance, in a way.

Throw cutting requires (and thus improves) timing, concentration, speed, agility, skill of drawing the sword, mental focus (you have to stay in the moment), adaptability for the cut (staying patient, calm, yet quick), and consistency in throwing the object.

It’s an extra challenge for me as a leftie (which I welcome!) as we throw the object – as well as draw our sword -with the right hand.

We’ll be putting our practice to the test this weekend at the HDGD Championships in Bad Kreuznach. Exciting!

What are you working on right now?

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