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Germination is the process by which an organism grows, from a seed or similar structure.

I’ve learned that creative ideas often take time to develop.

It doesn’t need to be ‘active time’, even. The creational process does a lot of it’s work in the background.

If I want to make something, I write it down.

I give it a name.

A space.

A starting place.

This is enough to make it real.

I might add some initial thoughts and ideas, put them in a list, then I let it rest.

If I can, I also give myself a date.

To finish the first version.

Every now and then, while I am doing other things – like meditation – an additional idea might sprout, or something will change. An insight appears. I add it to the list.

And after a while, when the time comes to create, it all starts to flow.

Ebb and flow.

Name it. Give it time. Add to it. Create.

That’s how things grow.

What will you be creating today?

PS: For the curious ones, what I am in the process of making right now is 2 brand new Online Classes/instructional DVDs.

Their recordings will be tomorrow. Eek.

Stay tuned for more updates here!

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